Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mad Russian

Mad Russian House
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I think I've said "the mad russian" at least 500 times in my life, but until just now I never realized how wierd of a name it is. Around Greeley cyclist flock to "THE MAD RUSSIAN" its a good solid 2 minute climb on HWY 257 right next to the Mad Russian golf course. The hill is known to all simply as "THE RUSSIAN." I'd really like to hear the history behind the golf course now though, just to see who and why they came up with Mad Russian for a golf course? Anyway, I started my 3rd yesterday, for the leyman out there, 3rds are a type of cadence interval on a bike, I mash the pedals for a while, then I spin as fast as I can, then I pedal normally. Three parts, hence the name 3rds. Others know them as stomp and spin intervals, either way, I did them yesterday and its crazy how 155 bpm can feel like such suffering after I've gotten to be such good friends with 140. I rode through a housing development around the golf course and this huge John Deere caught my eye in someones driveway. My first thought was "holy crap that seems a little excessive to plow the snow out of one driveway." My next thought was "holy crap, they stole that house from the Jetsons." It's not as impressive as the Jetsons, or that house on I-70, but its pretty cool for Milliken, Colorado. I did a good solid two hours and froze the entire time because I was very underdressed. Oh well, last night made up for it. I went to a U25 meeting for Rocky Mounts and got hooked up. We got some stuff, and learned how the season is hopefully going to go for the Devo Team. I'm not really supposed to talk about it, you know, pretty top secret stuff, (I could tell you but I'd have to kill you) but if any juniors on the front range accidentally stumbled across this, get ahold of Matson or Couch from RM cause I have a feeling we could be the next serious developmental team in the state. I went to class this morning and then got some quesadillas at the Rio. I think its nap time now, thanks for reading, you probably won't want to anymore after a few more of these boring entries. I'll try and do something really exciting in the next 24 hours.

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