Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Weekend Visitor

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Sorry I haven't updated in quite some time, but I had a visitor who I was trying to entertain. My buddy Bob came down from Vail this weekend, to get his car fixed on Saturday a.m. and just left Monday afternoon. I wonder why there was anything wrong with his car? He usually takes great care of it. By the way, this is a picture of Bob's car this summer after a thunderstorm. I know it's identical to my car, I copied him, look really close though and you'll see that is a Yankton license plate, not Sioux Falls. We had a good time this weekend though, Saturday we hit up all the great places of Greeley, Romas, the Rio, and topped it off at a concert at one of the classier establishments in town, Scooters. Scooters is a smoky little bar with a snaggle toothed bouncer who evidently didn't realize how to read an ID so I got to watch the show. The band was awesome, it was called Turn 4 and the stand up bass player is Steve from Roubaix Bicycle Company. He's one of the best mechanics I've ever met and he knows his way around a bass as well. They played a little Ween and Hank III, so of course everyone had a good time. I've got some cycling club stuff to do tonight, then early to bed. I got sick from Bob, Scott, and Jordan who have all been sick in the last week. Thats all for now, hopefully the snow will melt and I'll be able to get some good pictures from a ride tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i thought that was your car but then i saw the hood and knew it wasnt yours....thank goodness. thanks for the update though, i was about to think you were dead.


Anonymous said...

I suppose we will never know all the things that took place at our lake house this past summer!
p.s. Can I get a copy of that picture?