Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Mark Chase

Mark Chase
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Wow, I just realized I must have made it big. I've begun to cut ties with people and Mark, you are the first one. I always knew once I started getting pretty well known I'd have to let some friends go, so what better time to start then now?! Anyway, I got this really mean letter today about how bad my site sucks, yada yada, so I figured he'd be a good friend to let go first. I guess it's just a part of stardom, have to make sure you forget all the little people. I appreciate all of your support and encouraging comments you've been leaving, do me one more favor though and shoot Mark a really mean email. His address is so any words of anger or hate would be awesome. Other then this, my day was rather dull. I took my car in to get fixed from where it got hit in the snow a few weeks ago. A dented trunklid and cracked taillight and the estimate was 1800 dollars. I'm really glad now that the kid left his info and didn't pull a hit and run. I rode Scott's fixed gear home from that place, did some laundry, cleaned my room a little, then showered and went and got a massage. It was awesome, the last week of base and yesterday's world championship group ride had left me pretty tight and sore so Amy worked me good. It ended up going like an hour and a half so I guess I got hooked up once again. No bikes today, although I'm looking into what wheels I'll be racing this year. I've got my old Bontragers, Scotts Kysriums, or I might be able to wrestle Nicky's Kysriums, or Zipp 303's away from her after she gets all her team stuff, we'll see. Scott's need some work from a crash he had last year, so we'll see how much that will end up being. Check out this kids site Pretty funny story, I think he probably made it all up though (he's a pathological liar with a slight meth problem) Thanks for not hassling me the way some supposed "friends" do. I love you Mark

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what? You saying the east coast aint got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?