Wednesday, February 09, 2005

That'd be a good ride, ba ha he ha

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So I went for the group ride today from iBike and I have to say, it hurt. We did the normal MWF route, but the attacks were flying, every time someone would get realed in another person was flying off the front. Highway 34 was the worst, If I wasn't chasing I was attacking, and just when I'd get caught I'd be chasing some other flyer. Overall it was a great ride, and I think we definitely showed the other shops in town (you know which one I'm talking about) that iBike shouldn't be messed with, we definetely have got the horsepower. After the ride Scooter and I took this tandem around the parking lot a little, then down to the coffee shop. Note the coffee on the front rack. Also note the bucket that Scott has on his head. Sorry this has been pretty boring, hey Chap, is this more exciting if I use a bunch of !!!!!!'s in the middle, I wouldn't want to put you to sleep like you were giving me crap about at the shop today.

Justin called me today and asked for a couple movie recommendations, here they are in no particular order. Pro, School of Rock, Big Fish, Pro, Terminal, Wicker Park, Garden State, Gia, Basic Instinct, Mystic River, Pro, 21 Grams, Miracle, Monster, Fatal Attraction, Mona Lisa Smile, Pro, Anchorman, Unfaithful, Laurel Canyon, and finally Pro. That's all I can think of right now, if you have any questions or would like reviews on any of the above I'd be glad to help out, just let me know. As you can tell I'm pretty into Pro right now, I think I'll watch it.

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