Monday, February 07, 2005

Rest Day

Pat Kennedy
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I was planning on going for a group ride from the iBike, but it was freekin cold today so I skipped it, so did everyone else. I ended up going down to Cherry Creek Mall with Scott in Denver to get his computer fixed. I was going to get a new remote for my iPod, but they are like 40 bucks, I think I'll wait and see how bad I need it. This picture is of my friend since preschool Pat Kennedy. I was worried that this site wouldn't reach the european population, but after I found out Pat frequents the site, I was quite relieved. On top of that, this is some downright good photography. Pat is a good looking kid, and this picture doesn't hide that. Anyway, I'm still tired from Saturday-Sunday ride-work, so I think I'm gonna go watch some crap TV until I fall asleep. Thanks for reading, sorry I didn't have much to report, but make sure you check out that photo album if you haven't already. Later.


Pat Kennedy said...

God Dammit I'm Sexy. Check out my blog. It's just / not much there yet but there will be more.

Anonymous said...

Well, I done know whether I'm watching the movie Jaws, or if I just saw someone celebrating their first dive of their life...