Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pro The Movie

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Yesterday was quite a productive day. After sleeping in and drinking coffee I stopped in at Steve's to check on my TT bars but they were backordered. I just happened to get there as the Giro rep offered his demo helmets real cheap, I thought to myself, 125 bucks is real cheap for an Atmos, no thanks. After he told me it would be 45 for the special edition Atmos's, I'm now the proud new owner of a Cofidis edition Atmos. Scott got a white one. After this, we went and got some Quesadillas, dropped Scott off for a massage, and sat at iBike for 2 hours while he got rubbed down. I picked him up, took him to iBike to order some tires, then bombed down to Boulder to watch "Pro" the movie. It's a documentary about the USPRO championships in Philly every June. The race was awesome and the movie was just as cool. It's just my kind of deal, inside info on team meetings, pros standing around hanging out and a totally sweet race. 156 miles with 10 ascents of "The Wall" a huge hill plus 13 ascents of Lemon Hill, no small bump, as well as some insane leadouts leading into the Wall. Anyway, you should all see it if you want to know what the excitement of bike racing is all about. I bought it and already watched it again. The movie was a showing for this Family Learning Center to raise money to get kids on bikes so all the big names where there. Andy Hampsten spoke, Ann Trombley, Chris Wherry, Timmy Duggan, and Travis Brown, plus some more, I guess Eddy Gragus was there too, and Scott Moniger, well it was Boulder, everyone was there. It was a lot of fun and a lot of the Rocky Mounts / Izze guys were there. Scott is all suited up so I better get going, we're headed to iBike for a group ride with all the shop owners around town. I think I'm gonna put the wood to Andy on a couple climbs, you know I'll be pretty quick with that Atmos on my head. Cross your fingers for more pictures tonight.

Seems like I spent my whole day thinking about bikes yesterday?

Thanks for reading Mark, I'll get Bob's slip up on the site in a day or two.

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