Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Betcha I can swim across the pool underwater

Another great weekend of traveling in the books. The racing still isn't the greatest in the world although we're showing steps in the right direction. I got ninth in the crit just behind my team/roomate Scotty Boy. We worked really well together patrolling the front and pulling back a break with a kid from CU and Mines. It was fun to feel like I made a difference in the race. Other then that this past week has sucked, everyone seems to be mad at me for some reason or another, but I'm just trying to brush it off and get my stuff done. I have talked to some people that I don't get to talk to that often so that's helped out a lot. I'm sitting here waiting for a girl from my spanish class to call so we can finish our presentation, but it doesn't look like she's gonna call tonight. I suppose somehow it must be my fault for procrastinating though. On the bright side, once again we got to swim in Grand Junction, this is getting to be a tradition we swam in an outdoor pool last mountain season in September or October, and now this Spring we got to in mid-April. April 24 has passed now, but I always remember a few years ago on April 24th when Mark, Scott Lingor (mono at that time) and I headed out for some early season wakeboarding in 50 degree temps and 39 degree water. It was cold and miserable, but the BS front flip was invented that day, although we all know it is now the BC front flip. Well, I think I'll just hit the sack and hope we can do this presentation another time. Thanks for reading.

Quick survey, do you readers think I should teach or run a bike shop? Your logic and reasoning is also helpful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Who are you?

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This was me rockin out to The Who about 5 minutes from home after a long day on the bike and in the car, I bet you never knew I'm gonna be a drummer someday?

Mikeal in the car behind me

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Its been a while again

Oval Sprint
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This picture is pretty old, March 27th to be exact. Thats me in the red helmet. I just got back from Durango Sunday night after a super hard weekend of racing. We had a Team Time Trial on Sat. morning and we killed it. Our team was Scott and I and a couple of the B guys from our team, Mikeal and Nick, so I was curious to see how it would go, but we averaged over 40kms an hour over the rolling 30km course. I was lucky enough to be on the front when we caught our 1 minute team which was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced on a bike. We blew past them on this little false flat thing and I even got to yell at them to get out of the way. The crit was a little sketchy, but CU once again crapped out and pulled their whole team, so we had to do 2 20 minute heats and a 30 minute final. I didn't make the final, but Scott did and after watching it, I'm actually a little grateful that I didn't make it, it was super super fast. Sunday was the infamous Ft. Lewis Circuit Race that scales the front hill to campus 10 times. I'm guessing its about a 500ft gain each lap, plus a couple other small climbs on the back of the lap, so probably close to 6,000 ft of climbing over 50-55 miles of fast fast racing. Needless to say I didn't stay with the lead group long. I actually felt descent the first 5 or 6 times up the hill, but I cracked on a little climb on the backside of the 6th lap and limped in alone from there. This was the first time I've finished this race so I was happy about that, but how good can it feel to be the last finisher? Oh well, Now I just need to finish off the school year, we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I can get a couple car ride pictures up from the way home, 7.5 hours in the car can make you crazy.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mi otra bicicleta nueva

Cross Bike
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Hey, it hasn't taken two weeks to get back this time. This week flew by once again, finals will be here all too soon and I'm not ready for them. I guess I've felt like the every semester I've been in school though. This picture is my new cross bike that I traded my MTB wheels for. It's a Surly Cross Check frame that was painted a chameleon? color. It's got this cool gadget that screws into the hub where the free hub is supposed to go and allows you to put a freewheel or fixed gear cog on it. It also has some awesome Race Face cranks that I just learned are prototypes that never made it into production. I've only had this bike a week or two, but I'm already in love with it, I know now why people get all gooned out about Surly.

I raced this morning in Boulder, well actually Superior. It was the Koppenburg Circuit Race, and although I would imagine the real Tour of Flanders is harder in Belgium, it can't be that much worse. I suffered all day. It was a really fast first mile on dirt to get to this 17% dirt climb that was really short, but 17% none the less. After that the race got really fast as the selection was made coming over the hill and the rest of the 110 person field was trying to chase back on. I chased really hard at this point all the way back to the start line where the dirt started again, but it was to no avail. The rest of the race was fast and hurt, but I felt good suffering on the bike for once. Maybe my racing legs are on their way back. I think thats all for now, maybe I'll get back to a daily update. Thanks for reading, and no you can't ride my bike.

Friday, April 01, 2005

One of my new steeds

The Blue Beast
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Once again its been a couple weeks since I've updated. I think I'm behind in about every aspect of my life. Anyway, if anyone is waiting for a phone call from me, you might as well just give me a call because I probably don't remember. I've been working pretty much everyday at the bike shop and keeping pretty busy there. Today I worked 4 hours there, headed to a meeting at the Rio, then worked from 4:30 to 12:00 there. I made $80 though which is the most I've ever made in a night, so I was pretty pumped about that.

Since I've last updated a lot has happened. Friday, March 18 I was working at the Rio, when some guy passed out in the bar, (not because he was drinking, he had a some wierd condition), but thats beside the point, I was trying to clear the stuff off the table that he had fallen on, when some lady tugged on my arm. I almost snapped at her and told her to leave me alone, when she said, "its pretty bad when you drive all the way from South Dakota to surprise your son and now your dad has to play doctor when we get here." I looked at her and realized it was my mom and my dad is over taking this guys pulse and tending to him sitting on the floor. So... moral of the story, my parents drove out to surprise me for my birthday. They watched my race and saw me get pounded into the ground, the we went out at midnight and they got to watch me drink my first beer.

Last weekend I raced in Ft. Collins and it went much better. I ended up 12th, then we mountain biking with my manager Christie and her husband Jeff. This leads me to my first new bike. During the week I traded a guy my MTB wheels for a single speed cyclo-cross bike. It's pretty cool and so far I love it. I rode it off road that day in Ft. Collins and kept up with Jeff on all the decents and he was on a full suspension mountain bike.

This week I finally finished my fixed gear bike. I just got it done today and put a picture of it up for all of you to look at. I can't think of anything else to write, plus I'm tired of typing so thats all for now. Tomorrow I'll try and get a pic of my cross bike up.