Thursday, February 17, 2005

Trainer Daze

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I hate the rollers. Thought I would start this entry in a very negative way since I've been hearing I'm too negative on here. Anyway, the snow hasn't melted yet so I rode the rollers yesterday. I only did about an hour and half though so it really wasn't that bad. Doing thirds made the time move twice as fast since every 5 minutes I'm doing something differently, and since I don't have a cadence monitor that works right now, I was counting and calculating every minute or so. It really makes the time tick by, plus we set my computer up out in the living room so I could ride with Scott and we watched Pro. Today I only had one class (mexican), and we got our tests back. I got a B, but I should have done better. I'll have to study a little more next time. It's warming up and everything is melting so I think I'll be able to bundle up and ride outside this afternoon. I got some new leg warmers yesterday so I'll have to give them a test drive. I let you all know how they work.

I wonder if I'll fail the whole semester if I miss a week of class for the Gila?


Anonymous said...

You should see what your parents think about you missing a week of class...don't they pay your tuition?

Anonymous said...

hi corey,
this is your old roommate daniel david snyder. i look at your blog everyday. you are fun and a good guy. talk to you soon