Monday, January 31, 2005


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Man, I knew that the warm weather we had last week would spoil me, but today it was in the 40's and I honestly considered riding my trainer. Luckily there was a little group riding from the iBike so I cruised over and got some "made for me" Snickerdoodle cookies from the BreadBoard. Thanks Sue! They were tremendous as always then it was off to ride with Mike, Scott, and Dick. We got in just over an hour and I was planning on taking off afterwards and trying to squeeze a couple more hours of riding in while it was light out, but in a true Corey Carlson fashion, I drank a cup of coffee, and decided to head home and call it a day. Oh well, I think I might go do some climbing tomorrow and start doing the 3rds. Big news on the webfront, I got a call today that the site has now reached St. Louis and I guess everyone is going nutz and sitting around day and night waiting for me to update. I was ready for this as I new the effect this site would have on people. Seriously though, thanks for the call Karl, I look forward to hearing from you soon. I posted a picture of summer, its actually a couple years ago, but that is the weather I'm dreaming of right now. I hear its supposed to be in the 60's again by the weekend so hopefully it will be back to riding in shorts and sleeves. Thats all for now, I guess this update has been pretty boring so here are some words of wisdom, "if you ever get the idea to use a George Foreman Grill as a waffle maker, do it, it's a great idea. I mean, essentially they are both just opposing heated surfaces that smash food and cook from both sides. A stuff and munch sandwich maker will work as well, but the Foreman ridges look awesome on a waffle. However, remember that the Foreman Grill is sloped and the batter will run right out if you don't prop the downward end up on something. This is where the wisdom comes in, prop it before its freekin hot with super hot batter dripping out onto your hands and all over the counter. Thats all, Thanks for reading. Here is my waffle recipe. A little Krusteaz pancake mix, just enough water to make it oatmeal like, then a glob of oil. Pour this onto whatever kitchen appliance is closest and see how she cooks up.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

So I'm not as cool as I make myself out to be

I fell
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So friday I tried to make myself look cool with the Pac Blue slide, but this is what really ended up happening. Oh well, I brushed the dust off and rode on, and I got that totally awesome picture of the slide which made it all worthwhile. Saturday I cruised down to Boulder to go on a group ride with the Rocky Mounts crew. It's pretty much the end of my base now, not that I really did that great of a base, but I'm ready to move on. Anyway, the plan was to go get one more good long base ride in, last year we did an awesome 5 hour ride with Couch and his wife and I thought we could do that again, but no dice. We rolled out of town and I could taste the blood almost instantly. Then when we turned to head up left hand canyon I knew I was done for. I climbed with them just below threshold for quite a while and then decended with them but Couch and I opted out on the "intervals" they were going to go do on some other hill. I know there are a lot of people that do things that way, but I don't know how you could like the idea of doing intervals for 6 months before you really get into racing, personally I enjoy base and the nice relaxing rides. I got in about 3 hours with Couch, but by the end I was worked, I'm not used to those kind of levels and it hurt. Last night we headed to Mr. Mike Feighny's fine mobile home for some wine and slideshows of their wedding and honeymoon. There was also an appetizer cookoff so I'm sure I put on a pound or two. There was some awesome food though. Since about all I make is pancakes and omelettes, I decided to take the easy way out and I lifted some chips and salsa from the Rio. I didn't win any awards, nor did I get an honorable mention, but I must say, I noticed there was always someone digging into the chip bowl. We headed home and after some late night drama I made it to bed by about 2. I managed to forget to turn my alarm on and got woken up by my boss calling asking if I was gonna make it to work. I ended up getting there just after we opened, and I had a very nice manager so I didn't get any heat. I'm wiped out though this afternoon and have just been laying around watching some stupid movie with George Clooney and JLO, I just realized I've been watching it for over an hour. I have to go back to work at 8:15 to clean the restaurant top to bottom. I'm really looking forward to it. Everyone is all pumped because there is free pizza and beer, but unfortunately free beer doesn't mean much at the Rio Grande when you are 20 years old. Oh well. I need to get to bed early though because I have a long day of classes and hopefully I'll get my first good day of transition in tomorrow. Better go shower before I go to work, I stink. I wonder how Marks training has been going in Belgium?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Whirlwind Day

Pacific Blue
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I did something today for the first time in a long time. Its a strange feeling to sit down here and actually have something to say. I went for a ride this morning, ran into Scott just by chance in the middle of nowhere and talked him into riding a few miles of dirt with me. We rode my favorite, RD72, still my favorite even though it claimed my cell phone last week. Scott had to pee so I made him take a picture of me doing a Pacific Blue slide down the middle of the road. Turns out no one remembers Pacific Blue but me, and I bet Justin does. Anyway, it was this show on USA in the early 90's about these cops in like L.A. that would ride the old Trek Y bikes with Spinergy wheels and they'd catch all the bad guys on their bikes. Hans Rey would do the stunts so when the bad guy would run up a staircase, Hans "No Way" Rey would hop up the stairs on his back wheel then ride them down. The best part of the show was when they would catch the bad guy they would always slide into them just as I'm doing in the photo. Anyway, I did it, slid out completely and fell in the middle of the road and laid there while Scott laughed at me and took pictures of me on the ground. We then met up with Mike and some guys at iBike and rode another hour or so, but I did manage to get in a solid 3 hours before rushing home, showering and eating on the way to work and then busing tables for the next 5 hours on 1 pancake and some Dr. Pepper/Root Beers. The pancake was totally awesome though, Scooter made it for me while I was in the shower, chocolate chips and all, and even a little uncooked batter in the middle, just how I like it! Work was alright, Scott, Kari, and my old roomate Danny came in and had some quesadillas. I haven't seen Danny in a long time, but he and Scott are out at the bars tonight. I was supposed to go to this bar called Bears where my friend Matt and Eric's band is playing, but I guess they were being really stingy with the ID thing and since I'm not quite 21 I sat it out. I'm thinking about getting up early and heading to Boulder for a Rocky Mounts group ride. We'll see how I feel when I get the 8:00am wake up call? Thats all I guess, oh yeah, thanks for the kick in the ass Mike, really spiced up my night.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Buenas Noches

Tire in Tub
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Who says cycling doesn't take over every part of your life? Thats right, I showered with my MTB tire last night to get all the old goo out of it so I could patch it. I still haven't patched it, guess I will when I'm done here. I just finished a little Espanol homework. Whew, this stuff was hard when I learned it in High School but I must have gotten way smarter since then cause I'm flyin' through it. Actually I remember most of the stuff thus far so that has helped a lot. I sit next to Dr. Sussman in class, she taught my EDEL 360 class last semester so its wierd to try and help her when she was teaching me last semester. She's struggling though, must be hard to learn a foreign language at her age. Tiene sesenta anos. Our homework is all online, so its nice to just be able to sit down and crank it all out the day before its due, but I was just looking and he can see that I did all 12 assignments tonight within 45 minutes. Oh well, Manuel Naranjo is a good guy. Es muy simpatico, generoso, y trabajador. I've been thinking about doing an entire update in Espanol, but I'm not quite fluent enough yet, it would take me a few days and a lot of work in my spanish dictionary. Anyway, I didn't ride my bike today, not sure why. I guess I got lazy, I went to the Ft. with Jordan in the morning to pick up a coat she ordered, then took a nap before my massage this afternoon. Amy worked me good, and I feel 100% better already. I was starting to get really stiff in my shoulder that I had crashed on, I think it was from favoring it, and sleeping on it funny, but it feels awesome now. Hopefully the scabs will heal soon and I'll be on my merry way. Tomorrow is a group ride from iBike. I think I'll show that Francisco character that I can ride slow too, I need to keep taking it easy, its too early to start opening it up like Tuesday. I only have one class tomorrow and we aren't doing anything, so I should be able to get a good 2 or 3 hours in before the group ride. Thanks for reading, sorry there wasn't much interesting to report. I wonder if the are hiding the ornaments from Pat in London yet?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Movie Review #1

The other day I was on the phone with my good friend Justin and he told me that since I really don't have a social life and I spend most of my time watching movies and now writing on this site, I should do some movie reviews. This is the first of man to come.

Wicker Park

Starring Josh Hartnett (Still think he looks like Rusty's friend Nick) and Rose Byrne (yeah I'd never seen her before either)

This is a confusing movie that leaves you anxious and frustrated right up until the end. It's kind've got that Pulp Fiction thing going where the story is jumping around, although this is pretty easy to follow. It's the story of these two people who were in love but were separated and hadn't seen or heard from each other in two years. By coincidence their paths begin to cross although they never seem to get together even as close as they come. In the process Matthew (Josh Hartnett) meets this girl who it turns out is dating his friend some doofus shoe sales man (played by the kid from the Real World on the 90's Blockbuster "She's All That." Anyway, I won't tell you what happens in the end, but I would have gone for the psycho chick, at least I thought she was a lot cuter then Lisa (the one he's after) and thats what love is about right? Looks? I think thats all I have to say, I'll definitely give it a 5 star rating. Other tidbits to look for, Fiance to be has horribly creepy teeth, Josh Hartnett's furrowed brows alway make him look like he's gonna cry, and finally I didn't think the psycho girl was any better actress after she'd been in love, but maybe I don't understand whatever type of theatre that was.

A few pics to take in.

I posted a couple pictures of some kids I know. Feel free to take a look. Also, thanks for the spokes and patch kit Mike, always great trading bike parts for margaritas.

Thanks Scott Lingor, for being a friend

Scott Lingor
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So, just when I was starting to think this was my private online journal, a good buddy of mine admitted he frequents the site a few times an hour just to make sure he didn't miss anything in the amazingly amazing life of Corey Carlson. Thanks Scott, I really appreciate your support.

Matt Fletcher Strikes

Matt Fletcher
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I'd love to sit here and post pictures all night, but this kid is breathing down my throat to get his Atmosphere CD back to him. If he only knew how much I've been listening to it and loving it. Anyway, he may just see and brand new CD in the mail in the next day or two, but he'll never see is Marco's Grilled Cheese shirt again. HAHAHAHAAHAHA!

My Stupidity Lives On!!!

So my stupidity lives on. Yesterday I offered to go for a short easy ride with Jordan before I met up with some guys for a group ride at iBike. We rode our mountain bikes down the bike path that is riddled with thorns, but I had nothing but confidence in my Mavic UST Tubless tires that I had yet to flat. Before we could even get to the bike path I really let my stupid side show through, heading down Reservoir Ave. Jordan made some smart comment about how I better be careful I wouldn't want to crash. Me being the entertainer I am pretended as though I would kick my wheel like I had done last week. Instead of pretending, I wrapped my foot up in the spokes of my front wheel sending me directly over the bars onto the pavement and sending the bike flying over me. When the dust settled, I had a few scrapes on my right hand, a cut on my right shoulder, broked SLR, and a few kinked revolutions in my wheel. I stuck my seat back together the best I could and hopped back on to try and make it look like it was no big deal even though it hurt really bad and I kind've just wanted to go home. So..... We kept riding, out to the church at the end of the bike path where we stopped and both had a good laugh at how stupid I was. Just as we were headed back I heard that ever so famous "phhhssss" come from my front tire. No problem, I've got Tru Goo in it, I'll just spin it and hit it with my CO2 pump. Nope, the goo was dry and it wouldn't seal, so miraculously, I got the tire off with no levers, pulled out the valve and put a tube in, aired it up, and 2 minutes later it was flat again. I don't know if the tube had a hole in it, or if there was something else in the tire, but the bottom line is, we had to call Scott and get a ride home. What started as a pleasant ride in the sun ended as a bruised, battered, and embarrassed ride him in a Jetta. Oh well, the group ride was fun and I opened it up a couple times with this Fransisco guy that came with us. It hurt, but in that really really good way. I got some great pictures of the ride with Jordan I'll try and post later but right now I'm in the computer lab, and I don't have my camera with me. I just took a Spanish test that I didn't know I had, but I think I tore it apart. I wish the teacher would at least tell us when the tests are in English so I would have a little better understanding of whats going on. Glad I didn't try and sleep through this one! Today I think I'm gonna ride with Mike again at iBike, not sure who else will be tagging along, but I always enjoy riding with Mike. I think he's already got more carbon on his bike then there is in a traincar full of coal, but he just told me yesterday he's got some deep dish triple flange FSA carbon wheels on order to make that commute a little faster, what a guy! Thats all for now, the computer lab I go to in McKee hall just replaced half of their computers with these new G5 iMacs so I don't want to leave but I better head off to class. I hope this entry finds everyone in better shape then I'm in right now, maybe I'll get a massage tonight to try and make my stiff and sore appendages feel a little better. I wonder what Mark is doing in Belgium right now?

First This

First This
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Then This

Then This
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Luis "iana"

Luis "iana"
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Work Sucks

Ok, works not so bad, its just working doubles that I hate. So I went in at about 10:30 this morning, sat around and took all 15 customers to their tables. I got so bored that I bundled crayons into the 6 packs we hand them out in, for at least an hour and a half. I got an awesome 2 hour break from a little after 2:30 to 4:30, then back to bus tables for the rest of the night. Just got home now at quarter to 10, tired, cranky, and eighteen dollars richer, but I can balance a broom on my chin for at least 10 seconds, I can spin a round tray on one finger and keep it going for 5-10 seconds, and I got to hokey (those crappy restaurant vacuums) an entire restaurant. This kid came in that lived in my dorm freshman year (I actually met Jordan at his birthday party). Anyway, I don't like him at all, just one of the those annoying TABish kids that was always to cocky to say hi in the hallway, but he came in with this girl and another couple. They sat in the bar at least 30 minutes after we closed, they were the last people in the place, so we all just stood behind the bar and stared trying to get them to leave, but instead of taking a hint, Jon Ray (the kid) just starts making out with the chick. The other kids with them just sat across the booth and kept talking and kind've watching. It was one of the more bizarre things I've see since I started working. I'm home now and I have a little Spanish (or mexican as Scott calls it) homework that I better get crackin on. No pictures today, tomorrow I'm gonna try and get a long ride in since I hear it's supposed to be nice. Did I mention it was about 65 degrees here this afternoon? Which brings me to my next point of disgust. The Rio was dead this morning, dead this evening, and the only excuse I can get is that the playoffs are on TV. It was 65 degrees, blue skies, not a breath of wind, keep in mind this is January in northern Colorado, not Arizona. So instead of enjoying the kind of day that falls on a Sunday when everyone has the day off, Greeley stayed inside and watched a stupid football game. I just don't understand how you can get that into something that is so far removed from your real life. I mean I went and ate lunch at Glenmere Park with Jordan and there were hardly people there, just because you might have started wide receiver your senior year of high school doesn't mean you can't miss a freeking game on TV. I currently am a bike racer, and I love to watch races on TV, but if I ever had to decide between going on a ride or watching a race on TV, I'd be out the door getting a tan in January every time. Anyway, I just get tired of hearing about football everywhere I go, hopefully that will all be over in a few weeks here, when is the SuperBowl?

Man sits down at a booth tonight with his family, so I bring them a few bowls of chips and salsa.

Me: Hey, How's it going?

Man: Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

Me: So is that a good thing?

Man: They beat the Falcons.

I get frustrated because this guy is using no expression whatsoever, says it all with a blank look, so I threw the chips down and walked away and he didn't get fresh chips the rest of the night.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading (that is if any of you made it this far). Time for the HW, I'll be sure and bring the camera along on my ride tomorrow, maybe I'll go phone searching? I'll end with the words of my good buddy CL. After telling me he put a couple semesters tuition on the Credit Card.

"College pays for itself, and Credit Cards are free money, and I'm an accounting major"

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I went to class, came home, went back to drop off some worksheets, went the the powerwash, rode, then worked. I didn't get home from work until like 11:30, and when we got home I found out we were having a party. Not really a party, just some of Scott and Kari's friends. It was a good time for a while, and then they all headed to IHOP at about 1am, and I sat it out. The ride was pretty good yesterday, I posted a couple pictures from it. I rode for an hour and a half or so, then met Scott and the BreadBoard for some coffee and cookies. We then headed down 3 stores to iBike, picked up Mike Feighny, and headed out for another hour to an hour and a half. It was pretty windy and I was hurting a little from a lack of sleep, but it's always fun to ride with someone you don't ride with often. I haven't been sleeping too well the past couple nights since I wake up every time I roll onto my left side. Woke up at 7:00 this morning after finally falling asleep sometime around 2:00 and I already feel like I'm getting tired. Jordan is gone this weekend snowboarding with a bunch of her friends so I'm on my own I guess. I think my friend Bob is going to come down and go to my friend Eric and Matt's house in Ft. Collins. It's Matts 22nd birthday so they are throwing a little shin-dig. We'll see how it goes, but right now I'm not feeling like staying out too late. Well, my coffee is cold so I need to make it out to the microwave. Maybe I'll write a little about the party when I get home. Thanks for stopping by.

Same to you Chap!

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This is probably one of the best portraits I've ever taken, even though it was just a snapshot it really digs deeper then the skin and portrays the real "Chap" that we all know. If you look really close you might even be able to see the McFatties bag and soda on the workbench.

Scott and Mike riding alongside the bikepath

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Mike on the breakaway

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Mike put in a few efforts to seal up the KOM for the day. This was his last one.

OK so its not that bad, but I'm a wuss.

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Evidence of What Lies Beneath

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Bloody Knuckles

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm an idiot

Rough couple of days on the bike. Yesterday it was my phone, today my whole left side. So I got out of class around 11, walked home and tried to figure out how to get my new phone hooked up. Turns out my dad had to do it since it was under his name, so I put on some bibs and a jersey and went out to enjoy the 70 degree day. I rode out a half hour and met Scott who was finishing a little loop, we rode out west after a quick bike change for Scott and then a little TT bike maintenance at Steve's. We rode out west to my dismay (I can't stand it out there, there are no shoulders and tons of cars) but we had a good time and even did a little climbing (Not something I do a lot of during base). After way too much 60rpm mashing we headed to the BreadBoard for my daily Lavazza and pastry fix. Just before we actually got there, out of nowhere Scott decides to take a left on this residential street and just smacks into the side of me. I held my line pretty well so rexia just bounced off ton's of fun, but it was definetely a close call, I guess he's trying to get me back for one time I crashed him out a block from our apartment. Sue's daughter, I think her name is Jill, gave us free coffee and pastries which was awesome, then we headed out for the dreaded 15 minutes of hell to get home. It's wierd it seems like it always gets 10 degrees colder and I get 10 times more tired in the 10 minutes I'm at the BreadBoard. Anyway, my iPod wouldn't turn back on so I pulled it out to find the battery was dead. I got this HUGE case for it since I'm clumsy and I drop things a lot, and when the case is open it looks like a PDA so Scott was making fun of me and naturally since I was in such a good mood I started typing away at the iPod just being an idiot when somehow I unclipped my left foot, stuck it into my front wheel and the next thing I knew I was skidding along the bike lane on my left side. I stood up missing a chunk of skin off each knuckle, my left ass cheek, my left ankle, left shoulder, and both palms and the left side of my calf were on fire from the slide. I always hate crashing on the road, but I have to say this was the stupidest, most frustrating crash of my life. Not since I hit the parked car in third grade while riding no handed, taking my shirt off, trying to impress Lindsey Kaplan have I felt this humiliated picking myself up off the road. I scuffed my SLR and shredded my favorite spark plug socks too which really really sucks since I don't think they even make them anymore. Oh well, I'm stupid 365 days a year, but it really only shows through on certain days so it's always at least a little bit of a surprise when I go do something like this. Thats all for now, Thanks for stopping by Greeley.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday 19/1/05

Hey, I'm just figuring this thing out, not sure if I'm doing anything right. Today started out awesome, made it to my first 3 classes on time, it got nicer and nicer out all morning and by afternoon it was almost hot out. I made it out onto my bike around 1 and wore shorts and sleeves. I rode this new gravel road I found with no traffic, everything was perfect. After about 2 and a half hours I started getting tired, so I headed in. Stopped by iBike to have Mike fix my shifter, but he was busy letting his dog out so I rode another half hour and headed back. While he fixed my shifter (which of course was no problem for him) I noticed my phone and gloves were missing. I went to the BreadBoard to see if I had dropped it when I got some coffee and muffins and the genius that worked that told me they didn't have it, but I should try and call it. First off, I lost my phone, it will be a little tough calling it since I have nothing to call it on, second, its more then likely 20 kms away on WCR 72. I doubt I'll be able to hear it. Anyway, I went home threw some scrubs on and drove the entire 70km loop. I found a dead bird that looked like my gloves in the dark and a rock that looked like my cell phone. I ended up finding the gloves for real so I was pretty pumped, but no dice on the phone. I think I'll ride it again tomorrow to see if I can find it in the daylight. I finished the day off right though with some Rio fajitas and a glass of wine when I got home. Tomorrow I'll take my camera on the ride to see if I can get any good pictures. Thats all for now, Stay classy Greeley.