Monday, January 31, 2005


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Man, I knew that the warm weather we had last week would spoil me, but today it was in the 40's and I honestly considered riding my trainer. Luckily there was a little group riding from the iBike so I cruised over and got some "made for me" Snickerdoodle cookies from the BreadBoard. Thanks Sue! They were tremendous as always then it was off to ride with Mike, Scott, and Dick. We got in just over an hour and I was planning on taking off afterwards and trying to squeeze a couple more hours of riding in while it was light out, but in a true Corey Carlson fashion, I drank a cup of coffee, and decided to head home and call it a day. Oh well, I think I might go do some climbing tomorrow and start doing the 3rds. Big news on the webfront, I got a call today that the site has now reached St. Louis and I guess everyone is going nutz and sitting around day and night waiting for me to update. I was ready for this as I new the effect this site would have on people. Seriously though, thanks for the call Karl, I look forward to hearing from you soon. I posted a picture of summer, its actually a couple years ago, but that is the weather I'm dreaming of right now. I hear its supposed to be in the 60's again by the weekend so hopefully it will be back to riding in shorts and sleeves. Thats all for now, I guess this update has been pretty boring so here are some words of wisdom, "if you ever get the idea to use a George Foreman Grill as a waffle maker, do it, it's a great idea. I mean, essentially they are both just opposing heated surfaces that smash food and cook from both sides. A stuff and munch sandwich maker will work as well, but the Foreman ridges look awesome on a waffle. However, remember that the Foreman Grill is sloped and the batter will run right out if you don't prop the downward end up on something. This is where the wisdom comes in, prop it before its freekin hot with super hot batter dripping out onto your hands and all over the counter. Thats all, Thanks for reading. Here is my waffle recipe. A little Krusteaz pancake mix, just enough water to make it oatmeal like, then a glob of oil. Pour this onto whatever kitchen appliance is closest and see how she cooks up.

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