Monday, February 21, 2005

Pretty Big Day

TT Set Up
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I woke up this morning feeling much better then yesterday, but still not 100%. My fever is gone, but I'm still pretty plugged up and my throat feels like crap and my voice sounds the same. I've been sucking down the Halls Mentho-Lyptus cough drops and they've been working their magic all day. My dad turned me on to these cough drops a long time ago, and I have to agree, they work like nothing else. I did my presentation in Espanol today and we totally rocked. We went 2 minutes 12 seconds and we only had to go 2 minutes. After that I came home and laid around for a while before Mike called me with the good news that my stuff had come in. Jordan took me out tonight for our belated Valentines dinner, so we stopped on our way out of town and I got my aero bars, mtb stem, chain, and aero brake levers. We went to a Cambodian restaurant in Longmont that was really good. We had some peanut chicken stuff that I loved (for those of you who didn't know, I'm a bit of a peanut butter fan). We also had this Vietnamese Coffee that was like an iced latte made with sweet and condensed milk instead of regular milk like a latte. Probably not as healthy as the non-fat latte, but it tasted kind've like a latte made with frosting, not a bad thing at all. After we got back I had the pleasure of putting the AB's on my bike. I think it looks pretty sweet with the whole TT set up. I don't have housing for the shifters yet, but I will tomorrow. We'll see how big of a pain it ends up being to switch back and forth between normal and TT set up. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I just need to get a 55t ring and I'll be ready for the TT's. Well I think thats all, once again I didn't get my car back yet, but what did I really expect. Maybe tomorrow I'll be luckier, and if I feel better Voy a montar mi bicicleta en mi casa porque el nieve.



d snyder said...

c carlson,
i just talked to my mom and she told me that she left a comment on my page as a result of your comment. apparently it has to do with young adult literature...she says its a great book so i guess run and get it...your mom IM'd me tonight...i guess you put my IM in her's so she thought it was you...keep it real and get down.


Anonymous said...

what is a TT?---tlc

Anonymous said...

Cambodien food eh?? Kinda sounds like a movie set to Pat Methany music about two people falling in love.... in Cambodia? Wierd, oh well, I guess I am just a musical theatrical genius, a little inside, I know.