Friday, April 18, 2008

The gossip column.

I was in the car yesterday and I was told that to liven things up around the web log, I could just start posting gossip, mostly lies, but possibly some truth.

- I won't name any names, but a close friend of mine, knows a guy that can honestly say some un-named pros took drugs to get faster.

- Saunier-Duvall was probably paid to not start TDG because it was easier than battling Rock Racing in court.

- There are certain riders in this sport that don't stand a chance of getting a decent result, or finishing a race this year.

- A certain pro team got in trouble for painting some of their old team Orbea's so they looked like the new team GT's, I guess Wal-mart race bikes aren't appreciated by that race organization. Although I would like to add that there are certain riders on that team who are probably too fast to be racing in the states. I actually heard that one guys skeleton was giving up because his muscles are just so damn strong.

- Ryan Hamity had hair transplanted from the top of his head to his joules in order to look more like Alex Candelario and Joe Saperstein (always wearing a hat????) all at the same time.

- This just in from a Euro Correspondent, Kazakhstan is threatening to cut off France's oil and energy supplies following Astana's exclusion from the TDF.

- A certain U23 world champion apparently borrowed and wrecked his team director's car without permission one night, but won the rainbow jersey the next day before he could get in trouble for the car.

- Allen apparently got dumped this week because he ate his date's entire meal while she was in the bathroom. Sorry Allen.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll get some more juicy stuff later. Feel free to leave more interesting "facts" in the comments.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I suck at blogging.

And I'm ok with that.

I keep getting pushed and prodded by people telling me that I need to update this web log.  Well I haven't.  I haven't written on here because I haven't felt compelled to share anything happening in my own weird little world.  I'm tired of reading about what people ate for breakfast, what they wore on their ride, etc... there is a lot of boring stuff posted everyday on the interweb and I happen to live a pretty mundane life myself.  I figured I'd just do my part to offset the boredom being written on the Double You Double You Double by keeping my boring life to myself.

Moving on.

Training been going, not great, not bad, just going.  I've been riding my new (old) singlespeed mountain bike at least once a week, and that has been awesome.  I've missed mountain biking a lot the past couple years, so I'm making a concerted effort to ride it at least once a week.  Anyone up for tuesday mountain bike rides? I am.

A couple weeks ago I did a road race in Grand Junction.  I got second.  There were four starters. I got 2nd place, finished in the top half, and was last placed finisher.  Hopefully that's the only time in my career that I finish a race with stats like that.  

This past weekend there were collegiate races in Golden.  Colorado School of Mines hosted an individual time trial up Lookout Mountain, then a circuit/crit on Sunday.  The DU team rode well, then we went for pancakes at Ben Quinn's house.  After a full belly of pancakes I went and did my first power test of the year up the Lookout course.  My numbers were right where I wanted them to be, but I'm still a little chunky so my time wasn't too blazing fast.

Sunday's circuit played out the way most collegiate crits have this year.  Small break with no organization behind it.  Steve Forbes of the DU team took the chase upon his own shoulders and drove the chase group averaging 300 watts for the hour long effort.  Not bad for a little 140 pounder.

After the race I cruised to Boulder for the Koppenberg Circuit Race.  The race went well, I got into a little chase group just toward the end of the third lap, and ended up 7th.

This weekend I'm headed to Utah for more collegiate stuff, not sure if I'll get any racing in, but hopefully I can figure something out at least one of the days.  Thanks for checking in, sorry for the lack of interesting content.  

Are there any pictures of Koppenberg out there?