Thursday, February 03, 2005


Mack Grill
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Anyone ever seen this up close? Today after a few hours on the bike I'd thought up a few pretty good update topics. First off, Scott and I made a friend on my ever famous RD72. This dog followed us for at least 5 kilometers before we finally hit some pavement and dropped him. He didn't give up easily, I had to put in a couple surges to wear him out then we both threw down and he just couldn't hold the pace, he gave us a few bark/whines and we went out separate ways. I hope he made it home alright. Then I considered writing about a song of the day or something like my good buddy Danny. Ideas for this were easy to come by as my iPod was pumping plenty of ideas into my ear, everything from Jurassic 5's, Concrete Schoolyard to The Street's, Weak Becomes Heros. Both of these are awesome songs, especially when you are on a bike, but just when I was trying to decide just what the picture of the day would be, the best update idea of week started to pull out right in front of me. I waved and he stopped, at least I thought he stopped, but he just waited for a car, then decided to pull out once it was too late for me to stop. I sprinted a few pedal strokes and got passed him by about 10 inches as he sped up onto the road. I think his window was down (I'm pretty sure he could have heard me yelling even if it was up) I gave him an earfull as he turned left and drove away from us. Scott thought he could chase him down, but gave up as soon as the adrenaline left him and he realized it was a "god knows how many ton" MACK truck and Scott was on his 17 pound Giant. My anger soon wore off, but I'd like to formally apologize to any of the kids that were on the playground across the highway. That was no way for me to talk and I'd appreciate it if we could just pretend like it didn't happen, thanks guys I knew you'd understand. Needless to say I was a little shook up for a while, but overall I had a great ride today. Got in a solid 4 hours before cruising down to the second Rocky Mounts meeting of the week. I think we're done for a while now but it was fun to meet everyone and eat some pizza. Dede Demot Barry was there too (Olympic Bronze Medalist in the ITT). She gave a little speech/presentation. Well, Jordan just emailed me a 10 page paper to read over for her, plus I have a little paper of my own to write, so I better get on that if I'm gonna get to bed in time to get up and get to class. Thanks for reading, and by the way, leave a comment sometime just so I know if I'm writing to myself or if someone is actually wasting their time here too.

P.S. I tried out some Speedplay pedals today, I loved them you should all give them a whirl. and if your drivetrain is ever filthy, take the bike into iBike, Chap works wonders on it. I swear it felt like I had a new chain, derailleur, shifter, and legs, all from a little citrus degreaser, chain cleaner, and one heck of a mechanic.


Danny Boy said...

I imagine if you would've yelled "earmuffs" somewhere in the spew of curse words the kiddies wouldn't have heard. Just a thought for the next near death experiance at the hands of a MACK truck.


Anonymous said...

i read corey's excellent article
my name is scott