Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm an idiot

Rough couple of days on the bike. Yesterday it was my phone, today my whole left side. So I got out of class around 11, walked home and tried to figure out how to get my new phone hooked up. Turns out my dad had to do it since it was under his name, so I put on some bibs and a jersey and went out to enjoy the 70 degree day. I rode out a half hour and met Scott who was finishing a little loop, we rode out west after a quick bike change for Scott and then a little TT bike maintenance at Steve's. We rode out west to my dismay (I can't stand it out there, there are no shoulders and tons of cars) but we had a good time and even did a little climbing (Not something I do a lot of during base). After way too much 60rpm mashing we headed to the BreadBoard for my daily Lavazza and pastry fix. Just before we actually got there, out of nowhere Scott decides to take a left on this residential street and just smacks into the side of me. I held my line pretty well so rexia just bounced off ton's of fun, but it was definetely a close call, I guess he's trying to get me back for one time I crashed him out a block from our apartment. Sue's daughter, I think her name is Jill, gave us free coffee and pastries which was awesome, then we headed out for the dreaded 15 minutes of hell to get home. It's wierd it seems like it always gets 10 degrees colder and I get 10 times more tired in the 10 minutes I'm at the BreadBoard. Anyway, my iPod wouldn't turn back on so I pulled it out to find the battery was dead. I got this HUGE case for it since I'm clumsy and I drop things a lot, and when the case is open it looks like a PDA so Scott was making fun of me and naturally since I was in such a good mood I started typing away at the iPod just being an idiot when somehow I unclipped my left foot, stuck it into my front wheel and the next thing I knew I was skidding along the bike lane on my left side. I stood up missing a chunk of skin off each knuckle, my left ass cheek, my left ankle, left shoulder, and both palms and the left side of my calf were on fire from the slide. I always hate crashing on the road, but I have to say this was the stupidest, most frustrating crash of my life. Not since I hit the parked car in third grade while riding no handed, taking my shirt off, trying to impress Lindsey Kaplan have I felt this humiliated picking myself up off the road. I scuffed my SLR and shredded my favorite spark plug socks too which really really sucks since I don't think they even make them anymore. Oh well, I'm stupid 365 days a year, but it really only shows through on certain days so it's always at least a little bit of a surprise when I go do something like this. Thats all for now, Thanks for stopping by Greeley.

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