Sunday, January 30, 2005

So I'm not as cool as I make myself out to be

I fell
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So friday I tried to make myself look cool with the Pac Blue slide, but this is what really ended up happening. Oh well, I brushed the dust off and rode on, and I got that totally awesome picture of the slide which made it all worthwhile. Saturday I cruised down to Boulder to go on a group ride with the Rocky Mounts crew. It's pretty much the end of my base now, not that I really did that great of a base, but I'm ready to move on. Anyway, the plan was to go get one more good long base ride in, last year we did an awesome 5 hour ride with Couch and his wife and I thought we could do that again, but no dice. We rolled out of town and I could taste the blood almost instantly. Then when we turned to head up left hand canyon I knew I was done for. I climbed with them just below threshold for quite a while and then decended with them but Couch and I opted out on the "intervals" they were going to go do on some other hill. I know there are a lot of people that do things that way, but I don't know how you could like the idea of doing intervals for 6 months before you really get into racing, personally I enjoy base and the nice relaxing rides. I got in about 3 hours with Couch, but by the end I was worked, I'm not used to those kind of levels and it hurt. Last night we headed to Mr. Mike Feighny's fine mobile home for some wine and slideshows of their wedding and honeymoon. There was also an appetizer cookoff so I'm sure I put on a pound or two. There was some awesome food though. Since about all I make is pancakes and omelettes, I decided to take the easy way out and I lifted some chips and salsa from the Rio. I didn't win any awards, nor did I get an honorable mention, but I must say, I noticed there was always someone digging into the chip bowl. We headed home and after some late night drama I made it to bed by about 2. I managed to forget to turn my alarm on and got woken up by my boss calling asking if I was gonna make it to work. I ended up getting there just after we opened, and I had a very nice manager so I didn't get any heat. I'm wiped out though this afternoon and have just been laying around watching some stupid movie with George Clooney and JLO, I just realized I've been watching it for over an hour. I have to go back to work at 8:15 to clean the restaurant top to bottom. I'm really looking forward to it. Everyone is all pumped because there is free pizza and beer, but unfortunately free beer doesn't mean much at the Rio Grande when you are 20 years old. Oh well. I need to get to bed early though because I have a long day of classes and hopefully I'll get my first good day of transition in tomorrow. Better go shower before I go to work, I stink. I wonder how Marks training has been going in Belgium?

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just use the force to be cool, like star wars