Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday 19/1/05

Hey, I'm just figuring this thing out, not sure if I'm doing anything right. Today started out awesome, made it to my first 3 classes on time, it got nicer and nicer out all morning and by afternoon it was almost hot out. I made it out onto my bike around 1 and wore shorts and sleeves. I rode this new gravel road I found with no traffic, everything was perfect. After about 2 and a half hours I started getting tired, so I headed in. Stopped by iBike to have Mike fix my shifter, but he was busy letting his dog out so I rode another half hour and headed back. While he fixed my shifter (which of course was no problem for him) I noticed my phone and gloves were missing. I went to the BreadBoard to see if I had dropped it when I got some coffee and muffins and the genius that worked that told me they didn't have it, but I should try and call it. First off, I lost my phone, it will be a little tough calling it since I have nothing to call it on, second, its more then likely 20 kms away on WCR 72. I doubt I'll be able to hear it. Anyway, I went home threw some scrubs on and drove the entire 70km loop. I found a dead bird that looked like my gloves in the dark and a rock that looked like my cell phone. I ended up finding the gloves for real so I was pretty pumped, but no dice on the phone. I think I'll ride it again tomorrow to see if I can find it in the daylight. I finished the day off right though with some Rio fajitas and a glass of wine when I got home. Tomorrow I'll take my camera on the ride to see if I can get any good pictures. Thats all for now, Stay classy Greeley.

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