Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Thanks Scott Lingor, for being a friend

Scott Lingor
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So, just when I was starting to think this was my private online journal, a good buddy of mine admitted he frequents the site a few times an hour just to make sure he didn't miss anything in the amazingly amazing life of Corey Carlson. Thanks Scott, I really appreciate your support.

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Anonymous said...

I always knew this Scott guy was battin' for the wrong team. I used to go to High School with him back in god's country... Yankton, SD. Didn't impress me then, doesn't impress me now. Probably because he was too busy breaking bones or installing chrome plated cobra head shifter knobs in his Geo. JUST KIDDIN' BLINGOR!
Whats up Corey, this is Adam Slowey. Nice site man, but you should drop the whole cycling thing and just play footbag, watch TV, and smoke cigarettes. Thats all I do now, and I couldn't be happier.
Ummm, on second though, don't do that. Those activities are reserved for dorks and dorks only.

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