Friday, January 28, 2005

Whirlwind Day

Pacific Blue
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I did something today for the first time in a long time. Its a strange feeling to sit down here and actually have something to say. I went for a ride this morning, ran into Scott just by chance in the middle of nowhere and talked him into riding a few miles of dirt with me. We rode my favorite, RD72, still my favorite even though it claimed my cell phone last week. Scott had to pee so I made him take a picture of me doing a Pacific Blue slide down the middle of the road. Turns out no one remembers Pacific Blue but me, and I bet Justin does. Anyway, it was this show on USA in the early 90's about these cops in like L.A. that would ride the old Trek Y bikes with Spinergy wheels and they'd catch all the bad guys on their bikes. Hans Rey would do the stunts so when the bad guy would run up a staircase, Hans "No Way" Rey would hop up the stairs on his back wheel then ride them down. The best part of the show was when they would catch the bad guy they would always slide into them just as I'm doing in the photo. Anyway, I did it, slid out completely and fell in the middle of the road and laid there while Scott laughed at me and took pictures of me on the ground. We then met up with Mike and some guys at iBike and rode another hour or so, but I did manage to get in a solid 3 hours before rushing home, showering and eating on the way to work and then busing tables for the next 5 hours on 1 pancake and some Dr. Pepper/Root Beers. The pancake was totally awesome though, Scooter made it for me while I was in the shower, chocolate chips and all, and even a little uncooked batter in the middle, just how I like it! Work was alright, Scott, Kari, and my old roomate Danny came in and had some quesadillas. I haven't seen Danny in a long time, but he and Scott are out at the bars tonight. I was supposed to go to this bar called Bears where my friend Matt and Eric's band is playing, but I guess they were being really stingy with the ID thing and since I'm not quite 21 I sat it out. I'm thinking about getting up early and heading to Boulder for a Rocky Mounts group ride. We'll see how I feel when I get the 8:00am wake up call? Thats all I guess, oh yeah, thanks for the kick in the ass Mike, really spiced up my night.


d snyder said...

Dude, I remember Pacific Blue. I prefer to call it Pac Blue though, but I still remember. My goal is to become like No Way Rey. Corey, thanks for all the chips and was good to see ya. Hope you come down to Lakewood one of these days.

d snyd

stever said...

Dans bro in the house. Corey, I got your blog address from Scott, so you will now have one more fan, all the way from New Mexico. I hope all is well and I hope to see you soon!

Steve Snyder