Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Stupidity Lives On!!!

So my stupidity lives on. Yesterday I offered to go for a short easy ride with Jordan before I met up with some guys for a group ride at iBike. We rode our mountain bikes down the bike path that is riddled with thorns, but I had nothing but confidence in my Mavic UST Tubless tires that I had yet to flat. Before we could even get to the bike path I really let my stupid side show through, heading down Reservoir Ave. Jordan made some smart comment about how I better be careful I wouldn't want to crash. Me being the entertainer I am pretended as though I would kick my wheel like I had done last week. Instead of pretending, I wrapped my foot up in the spokes of my front wheel sending me directly over the bars onto the pavement and sending the bike flying over me. When the dust settled, I had a few scrapes on my right hand, a cut on my right shoulder, broked SLR, and a few kinked revolutions in my wheel. I stuck my seat back together the best I could and hopped back on to try and make it look like it was no big deal even though it hurt really bad and I kind've just wanted to go home. So..... We kept riding, out to the church at the end of the bike path where we stopped and both had a good laugh at how stupid I was. Just as we were headed back I heard that ever so famous "phhhssss" come from my front tire. No problem, I've got Tru Goo in it, I'll just spin it and hit it with my CO2 pump. Nope, the goo was dry and it wouldn't seal, so miraculously, I got the tire off with no levers, pulled out the valve and put a tube in, aired it up, and 2 minutes later it was flat again. I don't know if the tube had a hole in it, or if there was something else in the tire, but the bottom line is, we had to call Scott and get a ride home. What started as a pleasant ride in the sun ended as a bruised, battered, and embarrassed ride him in a Jetta. Oh well, the group ride was fun and I opened it up a couple times with this Fransisco guy that came with us. It hurt, but in that really really good way. I got some great pictures of the ride with Jordan I'll try and post later but right now I'm in the computer lab, and I don't have my camera with me. I just took a Spanish test that I didn't know I had, but I think I tore it apart. I wish the teacher would at least tell us when the tests are in English so I would have a little better understanding of whats going on. Glad I didn't try and sleep through this one! Today I think I'm gonna ride with Mike again at iBike, not sure who else will be tagging along, but I always enjoy riding with Mike. I think he's already got more carbon on his bike then there is in a traincar full of coal, but he just told me yesterday he's got some deep dish triple flange FSA carbon wheels on order to make that commute a little faster, what a guy! Thats all for now, the computer lab I go to in McKee hall just replaced half of their computers with these new G5 iMacs so I don't want to leave but I better head off to class. I hope this entry finds everyone in better shape then I'm in right now, maybe I'll get a massage tonight to try and make my stiff and sore appendages feel a little better. I wonder what Mark is doing in Belgium right now?

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