Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day 3

Today started off awesome, Scott and I met up and went exploring and even managed to find a new road that was smooth and significantly lacking in the car department. The way out was great and the first couple hours flew by. Then the sun went under, the wind seemed to pick up, and moods as well as blood sugars soon dropped.

An hour or so later, spirits were high again after we stopped by the Kersey gas station, indulged in one of my personal guilty pleasures (cream cheese muffin) and warm water. I got a solid three and a half hours in today and felt really good overall. My bike however didn't fare so well. By hour three, there were icicles everywhere, and my front wheel spray had frozen so thick under the fork, that my tire was rubbing on it. Luckily I had found a screwdriver on the ground earlier in the ride so I was able to clean it right out.

In another stroke of genius, I rode off the road, and was just barely able to pull the my bike out of the ditch.

In other news, I'm now officially an employee of the Rio Grande Mexican restaurant her in Greeley. As some of you long time readers may already know, I worked there a while back, but I'm now back on board. It looks like I'll be working Friday nights and Saturday mornings as well as any other shifts I'm able to pick up during the week.

That's all for now, thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

an entire update and no mention of fenders or plastic bag booties...

Corey Carlson said...

By the way, I rode with fenders on my bike, and plastic bags under my booties but over my shoes, both apparently too geeky for the hardcore, but I highly recommend either.