Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm back, sorry for the break.

Skate skiing at 10,000ft. Yeah, it's the real McCoy.

As you can see, I was one of the only people out there.

I think I could get used to this.

Allez was glad to see me. She's in heat so she wears little kid's underwear which looks hilarious. I wonder where Matt got a bunch of little kid's underwear.

I went to Edwards and stayed with Matt Koch and Jeremy Gross. I got to go ski at the nordic center on top of Beaver Creek resort. Skate skiing was a blast, I haven't done it in a year, and forgot how hard it was. My arms are still killing me. I also got to guest star on their local broomball game. I was nervous at first, but I managed to help them maintain a scoreless season. After the game, we went to the sponsor's (a bar) and hung out for a while. Little Matt got a girls number, which not only made me proud, but also blew me away. I actually lost a bet to myself.

I drove back Thursday, worked Friday night and Saturday morning, and that's about it. I guess there's been a little riding thrown in there too, as well as some shivering and complaining about the cold.

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Your Blog completes me.