Saturday, January 20, 2007

Be Safe, Lock Your Doors, Carry Mace, etc.

Last night was good. I made some decent cash (enough to buy groceries for a week today) as well as had a blast with a bunch of co-workers afterwards. The after-party thing needs to stop, although it was a ton of fun, but the cash thing can continue to flow.

OK, the point of this update. In the past two days Scott's brother Kevin got mugged at gunpoint in St. Louis, Eric Boyce stumbled upon a someone stealing something out of his car in Fort Collins, a fight ensued and the guy left without the bike he'd parked behind Eric's car, and finally my friend Paige got chased down a dark alley on her way to her car after a party last night in Minneapolis. Moral of the story, watch your back, people are strange and apparently evil as a whole. Luckily all three of my friends are safe. It makes you wonder how often this kind of crap happens, and where people ever got it into their heads that this kind of stuff is acceptable behavior.

I'm off to work again. On a lighter note, I got my old bolo tie back. Whose pumped? I'm pumped. Thanks for checking in.

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cosmomasturpolitan said...

Sometimes, dear Corey, you show such promise. Cream cheese fanatic! Taker of pictures! Ambivalent loather of Dan Brown! I feel an immense pride that we should be associated in these moments.

Still yet, though, sometimes I smell dark looming clouds of disappointment.

Whose pumped?