Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Can I get you some pizza shooters or extreme fajitas?

Team Rio
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I had my first training shift tonight. It was pretty fun. It's gonna take a little getting used to, but waiting is way easier then busing I think. We were pretty busy for a while tonight and the kid that trained me made 60 bucks on a Tuesday night, so that's promising. I have to wear a bolo tie, so I borrowed one from my buddy Matt, but I taped the old Schwinn headbadge from my Homegrown onto it. It looks pretty cool, maybe I'll get a picture of it on here soon, if not stop in the Rio on Monday morning and you'll be sure to see it. Next week is Spring Break, so if all goes as planned I might get a little MTB action in, possibly a trip to Fruita or Moab? My parents get here tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to find some stuff to do around Greeley for a few days. I don't want to bore them to death, but G-town is a pretty happening place these days. I'll be able to kill the better part of a day taking them around to my work places. I've seen my mom after the neck of a beer, I wonder what a Rio Grande marg will do to her?

12 days until I can start waiting tables.

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Anonymous said...

You really look like a pastor in that picture. Have you ever looked into that career path?

ps I dont think Terri could limit 3 on the Rio margs. No offense Terri