Friday, January 19, 2007

New Computer

My dad gave me his old laptop just after Christmas since he got a new one (thanks dad), so I'm no longer constrained to my desk. I'm at the library right now, I got a letter that I had a book overdue and they were going to charge me $80 if I didn't return it. The only problem was, I already had returned it... before the due date. I rode over here, and sure enough, it was restocked right where it should have been on the shelf. I'll be taking it down to the desk shortly. I hope they don't try and charge me a late fee, because I think it would be about $15 by now.

Other than that, I got Firefox all set up on here, and I'm slowly educating myself to the world of RSS feeds. I think I like it. You know what else I like, my new hat.

I should head home and shower before I work tonight. I didn't ride today, which is lame, but I got off my bike at 10 last night and couldn't talk myself into getting onto it as soon as I woke up this morning. It's actually pretty nice out right now, but of course the forecast shows snow showers tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe my new hat will get me out the door even in a flurry.

I'll leave you with one of my Mom's Christmas presents for my Dad. She hired an aerial photographer to take pictures of our place in Yankton, and since I got the computer, I got a bunch of old pictures too. Maybe I'll spice up my updates with random pictures from time to time. Although it may be debated by some, I still take a large amount of credit for the retaining walls along the drive and below the house.


cosmomasturpolitan said...


Might I recommend NetNewsWireLite?

Also, can I sleep on your couch tonight.


Greg said...

a) Technology is good. Get to know XML (and by extension RSS)

b) That swobo cap better fit under a helmet.

c) Nice diggs mom. Now you can not use 'poor college student' any longer as an excuse. I'll be PayPal-ing you for your RM team dues momentarily...ha! kidding.