Thursday, January 18, 2007

White Gold.

So, I was content with my earlier update, until I got off my bike this evening, surfed the few regular websites I look at, and realized, "these people are sitting at home, hitting the refresh button over and over, waiting for an update from me, and what do I give them? A few lines and a generic title with one crappy picture of my mouse trap powered book holder?" It was then that I decided I'd write some more.

I delayed riding about as long as I could today. I finally climbed on just after "The Office" ended, so I got to watch the musical "Scrubs," and then "30 Rock?" is that the name? Anyway, they were both entertaining and an hour ticked by without too much agony. I then switched it up, exchanged the TV for the book, and read a few more chapters of The Da Vinci Code. I like it less and less as it goes on, maybe it's just my attitude. In the end, I only rode two hours. I hope it gets nice out, so I can make up some time this weekend.

So... What goes through my head during these extended trainer sessions? Different athletes are fueled by different motivators. Some play and then replay in their minds, past or future races that they won, almost won, or are going to win. Others daydream of the success and fame their sport will someday bring them. I'm sure there are a million different things going through a million different athletes minds. What's on my mind when I'm stuck indoors?


The same thing that's on my mind when I ride outside. I dream up these lavish scenarios of decadent feasts, piles of food. Pancakes, or burritos. Omeletes, and burgers. I dream of bigger and better ways to replace the calories I've been ticking off throughout my ride. Usually I could gain a few pounds after a century if I followed through with all my mid-ride ideas. What do I usually eat when I'm done? Typically I drink a glass of sugar-milk (recovery secret, cats out of the bag) and eat a grapefruit as I crash on my couch, or head for the shower. All the mid-ride dreams of overindulgence pass, only to come back and haunt me around 9 or 10 every night.

Now that we're on the food topic, where should we go? Easy... Cream Cheese. I've been accused of being a fanatic, and I believe it's a correct assumption. I put this stuff on everything. Not unlike Mr. Average Joe Cyclist, I dabble in the peanut butter from time to time, but honestly, the cream cheese has almost fully excluded the JIF from my arsenal of accoutrements. I put it on everything. Pizza, in spaghetti sauce, bagels (of course), sandwiches and wraps, Grilled Cream Cheese sandwiches dipped in marinara, CC and Jelly sandwiches, in macaroni, on pancakes, and, as I discovered tonight...

Celery sticks.

Speaking of celery, who out there has ever tried it steamed? Well I did, and it's not too bad.

Speaking of steamed vegetables, I got a rice steamer a few days ago that has a vegetable tray on top that will simultaneously steam my vegetables as it cooks the rice. I made some a couple days ago and it was awesome as well as awesomely easy. I marinated some chicken in a Lemon Pepper sauce and had the rice and vegetables with that.

Lemons. I mysteriously found a bunch of lemons, limes, and grapefruits in the bottom of my fridge and wasn't sure what to do with them. The grapefruits were easy as I'm experienced in grapefruit eating. So experienced in fact that if eating a grapefruit in the bathtub (or any body of water for that matter) I can eat the fruit, leaving the rind as a boat to float around me. Anyway, I was stumped with what to do with the lemons as there were quite a few. I squeezed some on the chicken/rice/vegetable meal. That was good, but I still had 3 and 7/8 lemons remaining in my possession. I started squeezing a little in every glass of water that I drink, and I find that not only does it hide the taste of Greeley's water, it makes me want to drink more water because it's like a "special" drink.

Lemon water, I made some at work today because I was parched after drinking a french press of coffee at home, then a cup of Rio coffee.

French press, I think I've drank an entire french press every morning for breakfast since I've been back in Greeley after Christmas. I should probably cut back a little.

Breakfast, I've been alternating my breakfasts between the usual yogurt with granola and hard boiled eggs with toast. I really like the hard boiled eggs, because I can cook a week's breakfasts in just 12-15 minutes. I try to throw some fruit in there too, but I'm out of banana's.

Banana's. I've eaten plenty of banana's with peanut butter on them, maybe it's time I try one with cream cheese?

I think I'll keep a jar of peanut butter around after all.


The Koch said...

SOLID update. As usual I can always depend on you to keep me entertained on the slow days.


David said...

i agree about lemon water... it makes something already so desirable even more so. cin cin!