Friday, May 05, 2006

Stage 3.

Today was the inner loop road race. Damn. It was hard. From the gun we were climbing some rollers then a long sustained climb into a little town called Pinos Altos. The climb was pretty tough with cold legs, but then they DRILLED the descent, and the next thing you know we were climbing again. Right away there was a selection made, and I rode with 25 guys or so all day. A group of 3 went away and hovered at right around 2 minutes. I figured it would come back once we hit the headwind rollers leading to the finish, but no one was too motivated to chase, except Walker Savidge who attacked on every roller on the way in. The last 15 miles were miserable. BIG rolling hills, with a hellacious (sp?) headwind, and constant surging. We never caught the break, and I got smoked in the bunch kick, but I ended up holding onto 12th. I moved up 1 spot in the G.C. so someone must have been sleeping early on and missed the selection. Tomorrow is the crit which should be fun. My legs were pretty off and on today. I think this continual racing is taking it's toll on them. I definitely need to do more stage racing.

My aunt Brenda and uncle Dave got into town today so it will be awesome to have someone watching and hopefully yelling tomorrow. In other news, the kid at Subway asked me "do you want your shit warmed or toasted?" I think I've been there a little too much and they are getting too comfortable with me. Oh well. Thanks for checking in. I'd write more, but I need to crash.

P.S. Results. G.C.


Evan's life said...

sounds a little like wyoming...good luck today guys!
If you ride the crits like you have been you can win the stage corey. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

hellacious - correct

it's - not correct

That's all. Keep doing what you're doing.