Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I rode up to Estes today and stopped by the see Matt "Ahh Hey Boo Boo" Koch at the Jellystone RV park on my way up. He was on his break so I got to chill with he and Allez for a while.

Not having Allez around Greeley makes me want to get my own dog so bad.

It turns out Allez isn't the biggest animal in the area. I love watching the golfers "play through" the elk herd in Estes.

I rode down through Glen Haven to avoid as much of HWY 34 as possible and saw this dude on the way. Overall I'd say I felt like crap on the day, but I ate an awesome Quiznos Sub on my way home. Typically I'm a Subway guy, but it was all that was there, and it was awesome. That's all for now. Nice to see you Matt and Allez.


The Koch said...

Nice to see you too, be sure to come back soon, I am freakn' bored. When do I get a link on your site? Have you seen Emo's Blog? Talk about depressing, that kid needs medical help!

The Koch said...

Do you think you could come up and give my bike a complete tune up and put on some new bar tape? I will buy you food and 40's