Monday, May 01, 2006


We made it halfway today. We decided to crash in Albuquerque tonight. Since my last update, I started a race in W-Yoming, but ended it early due to the snow, 25 degree temps, and hellish winds. I crashed in my car while the "C" guys finished, then headed back to Greeley to finish packing and get to bed early. I accomplished both as well as a last minute pizza with Brian. I finally kicked him out around 11 because he wouldn't stop whining about his feelings. I feel this, I feel that, he's just an emotional rollercoaster. I ended up getting to bed fairly early, and getting up in time to go spend some time with my newly aquired friend Jami. We got a cup of coffee and hung out for a few hours before Scott and I loaded up and headed out. Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow we're finishing the drive and riding the TT course. Hopefully I can find a way to update in Silver City.


Evan's life said...

brian what are we going to do with him he is just a wreck...good luck guys

Anonymous said...

Had I known you were leaving the next day I would have taken you up on your offer for pizza, then I could have been apart of Brian's emotional breakdown. Best of luck down there, Just remember what I taught you...Lather, Rinse, Repeat. ALWAYS Repeat.

Stay on two and keep those chain-rings out of your head.

Pass the same along to Scooter. Since he doesn't feel it necessary to update his blog, I don't feel it is necessary to leave a comment on it!

Anonymous said...

so - another "j"!!! be careful, at least until friday so we can watch you race...hope you are as excited as we are to see ya...corkey is very thrilled to finally meet his cousin...hehehe!! good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I am an emotional wreck, especially after watching "Last of the Mohicans".

Hold me?