Sunday, May 21, 2006

Coal Miner's Classic / Scott Kornfield Memorial

I did my first race as a 2 today. I'm not sure how many starters, but it was pretty big, only 40 or so finished and I was 20th out of them. The crit was 90 minutes long, which is far and away the longest crit I've done. I came soooo close to pulling the plug with 30 minutes to go, and just as I was starting to get gapped, things slowed down for a lap, then I felt decent on the next lap, and better every lap afterwards. I didn't think I had any chance in the sprint, so I worked way too hard with 2 laps to go, just to see if I could pull this little break back. I got it within 5 seconds or so, but no one would pull through, so I jumped across. This motivated everyone to come across too, but I felt powerful for a half lap or so there. Maybe I'll be able to ride my next race a little smarter, and be in a position where I can sprint for some sort of place, rather than 20th. Overall it was a great day and I'm super glad I raced. Tonight it's calzone time again I think. That's all for now. I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the finish in 2's. impressive


Mikael said...

That was a very big pull on the last lap to bring back the break in your group and nice hair!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the first cat 2 race man
-bikin scout

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Bah. You can quote me on the 86/96 riders, even if the start picture count is less in number. I didn't completely make that up.

Or is that how many countries my girlfriend has visited?

Nevermind then.