Monday, May 08, 2006

Evan celebrated for my top ten.

The last couple days at the Gila went well. I ended up in a break in the crit and took second out of it. I missed the solo move with 5 laps to go, but I won the kick for 2nd. I attacked on the last climb, but a Colavita kid stuck my wheel so we just coasted and marked each other the whole second climb and the decent and just when he made me go to the front for the last corner, I jumped before it, and held my gap out of the corner and across the line.

The next day was a long climbing day again and I felt like crap starting out, but my legs opened up through the valley after the first climb, and I managed to catch the leaders on the first climb, stuck with them down the other side, and got 7th out of the bunch up the last little hill to the finish. I managed to move myself up into 10th overall which is cool, but now I'm wishing I would have had a better first couple of days so I could have been a little higher on G.C. Oh well, I should have the points to upgrade now, and that was the goal, so I did it.

That's all for now. Thanks to Evan (my temporary roomate) for celebrating for me.


Anonymous said...

Corey -
What about your second place goal? Ha, good riding this week, and I dig the pic of Evan

Anonymous said...

congrats on a solid finish, top 10 in a big race is sweet.

im a fan of the picture and i dont even know him.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know how to put this but...your kind of a big deal. Congrats


Anonymous said...

you know I don't think I ever got a thank you for that amazing shirt I gave him...he should have to give me that $20 back for all that that shirt has brought him!