Friday, May 12, 2006

A few reasons I like the ACA.


After trying to figure out upgrade stuff for the better part of a month, I finally decided to go through the ACA. Yvonne gave me the upgrade, and instantly emailed me a temporary license and today I got my hard copy in the mail. I emailed my buddy at the USCF the same time I emailed Yvonne, and still haven't heard back from him about the upgrade. Furthermore, I bought a USCF annual license on March 25th this spring, and still haven't gotten my hard copy in the mail. Oh well, I guess I can race wherever I want with what I have now, it's just gonna be a pain to show 3 different licenses at the Iron Horse to show that I'm a USCF member, I'm waiting on a new license, and I'm a 2 ACA. Enough about that.

I went to Subway here in Greeley, only to be blown off my feet after getting used to the Silver City Subway. First off, no profanities were said behind the counter. My sandwich was done, to perfection, in record time, and the prices were totally switched up compared to the Silver City store. No longer is a veggie sub more expensive than a cold cut combo. Furthermore, they have a pizza sub, and a "little taste of Italy" sub here in Greeley. Talk about turning my world upside down. Oh well, I'll survive, I think.

I've been working a lot lately, and not riding. It's time to get off my rear, and start riding again, but I'm still trying to plan out the rest of my season, and I need to decide where my focus will lie. What do you all think, road or mountain? I'm always torn because I absolutely love mountain biking, but once I get into road season, I usually have trouble going back to the MTB. We'll see how things work out. My school situation is pretty up in the air right now, so that will play a little part in it as well.

Last night John Gunderson came up from Denver and we went to Coyotes, then the Canyon. I hate that place, and swear to never go back everytime I'm there, but I must admit, we managed to have a lot of fun last night. Work came early this morning, but wasn't bad at all. I actually enjoyed my day there. I think I might try to go ride this evening. That's all for now. I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

corey, i think you should race both because you are that good. maybe you should start racing your road on the mountain and your mountain on the road....just so others have a chance.