Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bloggin' Like a Banshee.


I'm updating on Scott's computer, and I typed a "B" in the subject line, and the autoform filled in "Bloggin' Like a Banshee." That's pretty funny.

Since my last update what has happened? Well, lets see. I ate a delicious Italian B.M.T. sub from Subway, and in the process I think I've come one step closer to cracking the mystery of what "B.M.T." actually stands for. Anyway, I saw a guy at Subway that used to work with a coach I used to work with. We talked to him for a little bit, tried to mooch a ride home from the Mogollon stage, and then went out separate ways. I don't think he cares for me much and didn't have a ride for us, so it'll be that much more fun to race against him. We stopped by Corporate America for some duct tape and people watching. I found some portable speakers for my iPod, but I didn't buy them. I also found a few movies, some fruit slices, and a cell phone charger, but I only bought the fruit snacks.

*Sidenote - The guy in the tent next to me is on his laptop right now and has a reading light hooked on it. I wonder if it helps him see whats on the screen? Do you suppose he uses a flashlight to watch TV? I bet people hate him at movie theaters when he shows up with his flashlight or even a spotlight. Also, do you suppose he turns his headlights on at the drive-in? All good questions to ponder.*

Back to this evening. We got back from Wal-Mart, and finished cleaning up TT bikes. I got the last of the chocolate milk off of mine, and took a link out of the chain. I had left it a little long, and it turns out it was just too long. I also put some cork pads on Scott's bike for him, so I think we're ready to rock tomorrow. Nicky stopped by for a minute tonight because her team was grocery shopping just across the street. She's looking good, and we might have figured out rides home from the Mogollon stage with her. We'll see. Worst case scenario I'll just have a 71 mile cool down after a 71 mile race.

So far only 4 groups have shown up to camp, but I suppose there could be a lot more that come in tomorrow, since the race doesn't start until later. It's really nice here tonight, I'm sitting outside in a t-shirt and shorts and the temp is just right, no bugs, and it's actually pretty quiet. As of right now at the campground, we've got: G squared (Googly Glasses) in his RV, he's a Cat 2 that has been traveling around racing since Valley of the Sun in February, Texan Chainsaw Massacre that might murder the whole town in our sleep tonight, Old Man Night Bright, and a couple from Crested Butte that have yet to be named, although he's a Cat. 3 but must be WAY better at riding a bike than me cause he's so good he doesn't even need to wear a helmet. That's the whole tent camp section, but there are endless RVers that I've met so far, including but not limited to, One Eyed Pete, White Haired Harley guy, and Shirtless Joe Jackson. TCM just got some stuff out of his car and is heading to his tent.

On a final note, my allergies have been ruining me since we've been here. I think it's just being outside all the time, but I'm plugged, burning, hacking, and my throat feels like I sanded the back of it. I'm counting on it just going away during the night tonight, but we'll see. I think I might see if I can borrow one of Scott's word find books. That'll keep me occupied until lights out. Thanks for checking in, and I can't believe it if you read all of this. Ha ha, sucks to be you.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos. Scott remembered his camera, but no cord to upload the pictures. I guess you'll all just have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott for brining your camera, and letting me use it all the time

Anonymous said...

that was a funny update. good luck tomorrow.