Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The long hours the past week have finally caught up to me. Yesterday I was supposed to do 5 hours, but called it after 4 because I was having trouble keeping the pedals turning over. I've also been having some issues with my saddle lately. I've always loved my SLR, but man, lately it's been tearing me up. If things don't start to turn around for the better soon I'm gonna have to hop on the bandwagon and go fi-z-ik like EVERYONE else seems to be doing. It wouldn't be all bad though, I hear I can get a red one? Anyway, I woke up at 8 this morning so I could be on the bike by 9, but I've since decided to cut things short today, so I won't be leaving until 10:30 or so. Now I just need to find something to keep me busy until then. I wish I hadn't done all my homework early.

For those of you who weren't aware, today is March 1st. That might not hold much significance to most of you, but to me it means we have now entered my birthday month. The past couple years I've begun to make a bigger and bigger deal about my birthday, so I think it's safe to honor my birthday as a month, rather than a day. Aimee didn't think that was such a great idea because she had a March birthday herself, so we made some sort of deal about "I get these days, you get those, etc." We made the deal a while ago, so I'm just banking on her forgetting and I'll take the whole month, I mean I had a March birthday almost an entire year before she did?

Well, this whole sitting around in the morning thing is nice. I'm looking forward to next week when I get to do this more often. The only problem is that I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and I still have an hour until I ride. Maybe I should switch to water after this cup? One or two more couldn't hurt that bad, right?

Let's see, what else. In case you haven't noticed, this has turned into me just jabbering on about nothing, trying to kill some time. Maybe I'll go ride a little early? Yeah, that probably won't happen.

Oh, here is something important. I'm riding to Estes again on Saturday I think. I'd love to have someone ride along with me, or part way. It'll be about a 6 hour round trip, but if you wanted to meet me on the other side of Loveland and just get in on the exciting part of it, I'd still love the company. Last weekend Mike was going to do that for me, but he made other plans with a toilet instead. I hope you're feeling better Mike. You want to ride on Saturday? I should make it mandatory for the UNC team to ride at least part of it with me. It's not that I have a problem riding alone, but after 23 hours alone in the past 5 days, I just ready for a little company. I can't say I haven't had any company. Lately Scott and I have been getting together for about 30 minutes a day. Not sure why, but our rides aren't coinciding too well. I'm planning on doing 3 hours with him today, so that will be nice. For those of you who don't know, Scott "Why is my LT 160bpm? Maybe it was the 12 hours of tempo on my rest week?" Wenzel is in a little bit of trouble with his coach, so he has to ride with me today so I can keep an eye on him. If anyone can babysit tomorrow, I have class and work, but we need someone to keep an eye on him all day yesterday. I don't believe he can kill an entire day on that love sac. My bet is he'll be riding tempo by noon if we don't keep tabs on him. I threatened to take all of his pedals home with me, but after this past week, even my arms are tired and I'm not sure I could get 6 pedals off by myself, maybe I'll just take all his left pedals?

Alright, I'm done with this, I can't believe you actually read all that crap, what a waste of time! Oh well, your loss, not mine. If you want to kill more time, check out my link to Dave Towle under people I met once, but probably don't remember me. He's the announcer that does all the local Boulder races as well as a bunch of NRC stuff. He just did the EPO Tour of California. I like reading his blog because it's refreshing to hear from someone who seems to enjoy life and their job so much. It's a nice contrast to other people that just bitch and moan all the time about how tough their life is. Anyway, I hope you're all having productive days, mine can only get more productive as the day goes on.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're talking about my LT is 160 because I'm super fit....oh crap

Anonymous said...

ps I'll ride with you to estes on sunday

jwilliamson said...

Such a meaningfull post Mr Carlson. You have once again managed to make me jealous of your blog-ability. I wish i had the power to update as much as you.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join you on Saturday...could you tell me where Loveland is? Like, I mean, what state is it in, and what road do I take to get there?

mikael said...

I'm happy that I wasnt one of your people that just moan about everything.

Anonymous said...

i liked your blog....i laughed about taking scotts pedals, a solid idea.


Anonymous said...

corey its 11 am on thursday and I haven't ridden yet