Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stressing big time over this race.

Man, I think I've actually accomplished more in the past two weeks than the whole semester. I think I'm totally one of those people that function at whatever level I have to. If I don't have much to do, I don't do much of anything, but when I have a full plate of stuff to get done, I kick into a whole different gear. It's kind've a good feeling, but I look forward to taking it easy next week. It looks like the race will go off without a hitch, we're just waiting on one piece of paper from the Five-0, and hoping that Mother Nature will cooperate.

Everything else has been falling into place. I'm still looking for 15-20 hay bales, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. Other than that, I think we're set to fly. We've been really lucky thus far with donations and discounts. Our only real expenses have been USCF (the sanctioning body), a race announcer (money well spent), bib numbers (crazy expensive!), and of course the crappers (we got a discounted rate). We've gotten all the cones and barricades donated, a generator, tables, chairs, caution tape, countless volunteer hours, and a venue including a city park, free of charge.

On a personal level, I have a research paper due on Monday, and an Author Illustrator Presentation due Tuesday. The author illustrator thing is almost done, but there is a lot of work to be done on the paper. Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away at it. I've been practically fighting for trainer time lately. I HATE riding indoors, but with all this other crap going on, I've actually been looking forward to getting on it, just to get away from everything else. I shouldn't say I'm totally getting away though, I've been reading a lot on the trainer on my new Time Trial bike that was definitely the highlight of my birthday. My parents got me the frame and fork from my good friend Mike, and I managed to build it with spare parts, not spending more than 20 bucks on new stuff for it, although I haven't paid Scott for the saddle yet, that'll send the cost through the roof. I'm loving the bike thus far. I think I've almost got it dialed in. It's super comfortable right now (which makes me wonder if I should go a little lower?), but I can sit in the aero position as long as I want, and I feel powerful there, so maybe I'll leave it alone.
Anyway, check it out.

Here is my aero reading set-up. I hit 60mph today on the rollers!

The book holder.

I used mouse traps to hold down the pages, I figured I haven't killed a mouse in the 7 months I've lived here, at least they'll get some use this way.

I got 5 chapters of a Judy Blume book read doing some tempo tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to ride an hour or so before work tomorrow, if not there is always after work, after the meeting, before I go to the library. Thanks for checking in. See, even when my life is hectic, it's still boring.


Anonymous said...

dude your tt bike looks cool, i wouldnt expect anything less then mouse traps for you, solid. the bike looks pink but i dont remember mikes being pink...its red right?


Anonymous said...

man, i missed out on buying that beast.

Anonymous said...

3rd place huh? gd, im gonna start calling you sopro carlson. i hear it turned out good, congrats!