Friday, March 10, 2006

When Hell Freeze's Over.

I rode the Devil's Backbone today.

It was pretty snowy.

Most of the trail was clear, but some of it was white.

There were Zebras everywhere, can you see them? Even a few deer in the center of the frame.

By the end of the ride I had this much travel.


Anonymous said...

did you really see the zebra? as far fetched as it sounds, matt cleveland saw the same zebra...and we had never talked about im sticking to my zebra sighting in loveland, CO


Corey Carlson said...


They were black and white cows, but I've always believed you.

Anonymous said...

dude i know a zebra when i see one...and it was a zebra. i also know what a cow looks like...and it wasnt a cow. im still sticking to the zebra.