Friday, March 17, 2006


So, this morning/afternoon was the UNC crit practice. Things started off with a bang in the softball practice field over on west campus with a circle of cyclists riding around our very own Scott Wenzel. Scott would push us to one side or the other as we rode by, just to get the feel of getting pushed around. He decided once as I rode by that he needed to hit me "from underneath, like a lineman." I felt my wheels come off the grass momentarily then the next thing I knew, I was somersaulting. It was pretty funny, and crashing in the grass didn't hurt at all, so we kept going. Next to take the dive was Dana Curlee, a first year member of the team. He seemed a little shook up, but got back on the bike and kept at it. Soon enough Scott wanted in on the action so we switched places. I started pushing people, but didn't feel like I was really hitting them hard enough. I looked over my shoulder to ask someone if I'd pushed hard enough as I pushed Brian Amstutz, and I accidentally leveled him. He got up a little shaken, only to find he'd broken some adapter plate for his cleat. I felt like I real jerk, but everyone says I'm alright? Anyway, we rode in pairs in the grass for a while, pushing each other around, then moved on to cornering on the asphalt. Everything went well, although I missed a corner once and almost took out Scott. The last thing on our plate was doing a little sprint practice. I always hate the first crit of the year because I tend to bounce both wheels off the ground at least a couple times. We had a cool little lap set up, then a straight-away for the sprint. I got throttled most of the time, but at least I've got a few sprints in my legs. Nick Lobejko on the other hand, dumped it hard coming through a tight right handed corner and managed to shred his prized brand new jersey. There aren't many "new" jerseys around here, and now there may be none.

I moved on to put some new tires on my bike, and then stopped in for some pizza and one last free cup of coffee when I ran into my good friend Mike who went under the knife today. He was looking good, showed me his belly that looked great, and the way he was chugging espresso, he must have been feeling alright. I stayed and talked a while, then took off to ride home with my cup of coffee in hand. As I pulled out of the lot, I heard my phone ringing, but couldn't find it in my jersey. I thought I must have lost it because it wasn't where I usually ride with it and I got worried, then realized I could hear it ringing so I must still have it. I found it and answered it and it was my buddy Jeff that I hadn't heard from in a while. He was skiing and just seeing what I was up to. As I was riding along, cup of coffee and handlebar in my right hand, phone in my left, two police cars passed me with lights flashing, then one e-braked, and slid sideways, the passenger jumps out and runs behind a house. The other blows through a red light and meets up with at least 3 other cars, and I just hung up and got out of the way. I stood on the sidewalk while I watched some shady looking fellow run through yards, weaving from front to back, jumping over fences, and getting slower and slower. When I saw an unmarked Yukon slide into a driveway and Officer Perkins bailed out and I saw 3 other officers running into the backyard yelling, with guns drawn, I decided I'd better leave. It was interesting to say the least, and I called Jeff back to fill him in on what had just gone down in front of me.

For those of you who weren't aware, my birthday is upon us. Cards can be mailed to:

1312 9th Ave. #5
Greeley, CO 80631

Although it's too late to get here on time, I won't mind. It's the thought that counts, and the fact that you thought enough to send me a card or check means a lot to me. Thank you in advance. I got a letter from Joseph Gertsema and Roger Smith today, but I don't think it had to do with my birthday. I registered with the YHS Alumni Website, even though I didn't exactly graduate from there? Oh well. If you haven't registered yet, you should.

That's all for now, tomorrow night we may have a race report!

Entry Word: galvanizing
Pronunciation: 'gal-va-"nIz
Function: adjective
Text: 1 causing great emotional or mental stimulation "a galvanizing, come-from-behind victory for the underdogs in the last game of the World Series"


Anonymous said...

more pizza corey? geez, and to think i thought you were tapped out from last night's entire one by yourself....
ps-still hungry...

Anonymous said...

happy b-day.


mikael said...

thats why i stick to the straight roads when i race so i dont have to deal with you crazies.

Anonymous said...

thanks for changing your link.


Anonymous said...

by that i mean changing my link.