Sunday, February 26, 2006

Boring Update #3 in a row.

Our ride today turned into my ride as soon as I woke up. Last night Scott told me he needed a little rest and this morning Mike was throwing up and for some reason didn't feel like riding? I didn't let it get my spirits down though, and departed Greeley at approximately 9:45am heading due west. I stayed right on HWY 34 all the way up to Estes Park where I headed straight to the Mountain Home Cafe for a cup of coffee and a plate of banana pancakes. The pancakes were every bit as good as last time, and they kept refilling my coffee cup until I finally had to tell the lady to stop. A couple of the waitresses (older strange mountain folk) hung around my booth and talked to me about everything from riding bikes, to one of their "different" daughters that makes all her own clothes but looks like a bum, and rides a bike everywhere with a huge duffel bag over her shoulder, to teaching school, and we even touched a lot on what it's like living in a mountain town. I think I could dig living in one of those wierd little nooks of the world someday. The people are definitely different, and sometimes borderline creepy, but I like it. I headed home through Glen Haven, which my waitress had given me the complete road reports for, down to which corners are sandy, where it might be wet, and where the ice had just melted. The descent was great, I always love bombing down that road. The sand made it a little hair raising at times, even forcing me to unclip a foot once, but I still managed to nail a 90kph straightaway. I made it home 40 minutes faster than it took me to get there, not surprising considering I descended 3000' rather than climbing it, but there was a headwind going down the Big Thompson Canyon. I think there ALWAYS is though?

The past few days have started to take it out of me, but it feels great to be getting some serious miles in. I think I've decided the Tour of the Gila is going to be my first goal for the season so that's what has been motivating the long hours. If nothing else, 5 hard days of racing should catapult me into the summer with some descent form? I'm off the warm up my couch for a while before Grey's Anatomy and then an early bedtime.

I just realized this is the 125th boring update in a row, not 3rd.

Is it wierd that I feel like I'm taking a break only riding 4 hours tomorrow? Nick knows what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

corey, i already have plans for my bunker somewhere in the mountains. i even have the MRE's and dehydrated milk lined up...only 30 years until retirement.


ps, i'm also in the market for a front loader, steel, and concrete...let me know if you find any good deals, i wanna go out in style.

jwilliamson said...

You have done it again. You have managed to use both SI and English units in the same post. FIX YOUR SHIT!

Prospect SD