Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just another Thursday.

Yesterday was an action filled day, so just to keep things level in the universe, today was pretty freeking boring.

Scott and I headed over to Loveland around noon yesterday to see just how it felt to climb on Time Trial bikes. This seems pretty stupid I'm sure and I felt really stupid, but I wanted to get a good climbing day in before the Gila time trial. I hate riding that bike only because I feel like a silly triathlete on it, but I guess things could be worse, I could actually be a triathlete! Anyway, I Scott and I took turns feeling like garbage while the other one miraculously felt great. This went on for a couple hours, and I feel like if nothing else, I at least figured out some gearing questions for a climbing time trial.

After the dork bikes, we stopped by Mr. Mike Feighny's house, ate some junk, drank a beer, then headed out to ride the Backbone with our old roomate Danny Boy, and Mike (who had surgery on his belly last week and isn't supposed to exert himself for at least 6 weeks. Oh well, what's the worst that could happen? Maybe we'll learn just how long intestines are?). The Backbone was great as usual, although I stacked it up hard on this big rocky downhill thing that I've ridden like the last 5 times I was there, but I sure didn't yesterday. I endoed about 2 vertical feet from the bottom, and landed face first on the trail below. I cut my leg up pretty well, but I did push my bike back up the hill, get back on and rode the rocky downhill. I pretty much rode like a sack of crap for the next half hour with the post-crash jitters.

After riding the second time, we all went back to Mike's for some chicken and pasta. The food was amazing as always, and we had a good time talking about old times (I'm getting old enough that I get to talk about old times occaisionally). All in all it was an awesome day. Any day I get to ride my MTB is awesome in my books, but riding with a bunch of friends is always great.

Today I had class, then had to work all day. After work was a cycling club meeting. I'll be running for president next year, and hopefully I'll finally get elected. I've been sitting in the Pres/VicePres seat for some time now, but I've always officially been treasurer. On one hand I think being President would be awesome, but on the other hand, I love letting labels go to my head, so maybe it would be bad thing? Either way we have a lot of young guys so hopefully the club will live on, even if I graduate from this place someday.

I've created an album of a bunch of pictures from this weekend. If anyone has anymore, you should send them my way.

Promontory/Oval Crits


Anonymous said...

ill vote for you for president, corey for pres -Evan

Anonymous said...

corey, i hope you go for president. from what i hear from the race you more then deserve it. let me know if we can have an alumni vote. anyways, i hope you continue to lead the team either way, i would hate to see it die out...good luck.


Mikael said...


Did you get out of finals week to go to Gila than? You doing Koppenberg on Sunday? Good Triathlite comment always appreciae it.