Sunday, March 05, 2006


I just got home from the library. Sorry I should have made sure you were all sitting down before I threw that out there, but considering you're all on computers, chances are you're sitting. Yeah, I think this was the first or second time I've actually gone to the library to study this year. I didn't actually go there to study though you see, I needed to get some info for a project I'm doing, and I figured I'd just stay and get a little caught up. Good thinking eh? Well now I'm home, and I think I might try to keep the productivity streak alive. I've got dishes piling up, and my riding clothes aren't going to last to my next rest day so I better get some in the washing machine.

I got a couple decent rides in this weekend. Saturday was supposed to be to Estes, but my head wasn't really in it, and there was a little confusion and frustration coupled with a crappy headwind, so I flipped it a few miles past Drake, and Scott and I enjoyed a tailwind back to Greeley. Today I didn't want to get out of bed, actually off the couch as that is where I found myself this morning. I forced myself into getting onto the bike, but just for a few hours. Well, I went and got myself a little lost and started feeling better about things in general once I was riding, so a few hours turned into 4 and a half. Still not what I had previously wanted to accomplish this weekend, but I'll take what I get and roll with it. I've extended my base training by two days because of a little hiccup in it toward the end of last week. I didn't hit 30 hrs this week, it was actually only about 20, but two more days and I'll have done 30 hours from Monday through Tuesday. I think I'll call that good, take it easy a few days, then it's off to Moab for some mountain biking and tempo riding. I can't wait to get out of this town for a few days.

On a more exciting note, it looks like my good buddy Bob is coming to visit Tuesday night. Not sure what we'll do, but I'm sure we'll find something to keep busy. Wednesday is my rest day and I don't have class until 2:30 so I've got a free pass to do whatever my heart desires.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the lack of pictures, here, this will make everything better. Name this person, I guarantee at least 90% of you would recognize her name, see if you recognize her. I'll send out a pair of 30x32 American Eagle jeans with the ass torn out to the first person who gets it right.


Anonymous said...

Judy Blume.


Corey Carlson said...

Almost scary Danny.

Anonymous said...

oh thats judy blume


Anonymous said...

didnt judy blume write the goosebumps books?
prospect SD