Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rest Day.

Today was my day off (the bike), so I worked at the bike shop, then messed around with my own bikes all evening. I did make some wonderful peanut chicken for Brian and myself, but he ditched out so I ate it alone.

I changed more tires at home tonight than I did at the shop today which is a bit ironic, but after a little tire juggling, I have a bunch of fully functioning bikes again. Not long ago I blew out the sidewall of one of my training tires. I borrowed the tires from my fixed gear so I could keep training, but that rendered my favorite bike (the fixie) useless. To fix this problem, I put some old cross tires on the fixed gear, and then put some even older cross tires on my cross bike, and also put a new front wheel on my road bike. I've been meaning to lace a new hoop onto my front road bike wheel since I pulled an eyelet through the rear wheel of the set and ordered new hoops for the set in September. I finally got around to it, laced the wheel tonight at home, and hopefully I'll be able to tension it tomorrow at the shop.

I also need to rebuild Scott's PowerTap hub as he's letting me use it this spring while he's in Belgium. On top of that, I need to wash my road bike, Scott's TT bike (I'm also borrowing this spring, thanks Scooter), and my cross bike. These crappy roads are taking a toll on my stable, and it's time for me to catch up on their TLC.

Bottom line... my fixed gear looks tough now with big knobby tires.


Anonymous said...

It's my pleasure to let you ride my TT bike while I'm gone, I just hope it brings you a little joy in your TT's because I know how much you love them

cosmomasturpolitan said...

These will leave a nice welt.