Saturday, February 17, 2007

On the mend.

A quick little 24 hour bug knocked me off my feet for the middle of the week, but I'm on the rebound now, and hope to be 100% by the beginning of next week. Wednesday afternoon I started to feel it, Thursday I never got off the couch, I tried to ride yesterday, but it wasn't happening 60mph gusts and snow, then I worked late last night. I got in a little over 2 hours today, but I wasn't feeling like normal. I just took a little nap, and I plan on riding all day tomorrow, so hopefully the bug is gone and I'll be back on the right track soon.

Right now it's time for a shower, maybe a little more food, and an early bedtime. It's kind of funny how obvious it is when something is wrong with me. I've been force feeding myself the past couple days, and still not getting close to the amount of calories I need to be taking in. On a typical day I have to pull on the reins even if I burn 3,000 calories on the bike.

In other news, it looks like my buddy Nat Ross is finding ways to keep fit even in bad weather. It takes a certain caliber athlete to pick up a new sport and qualify for the world championships in his first race. Congrats Nat, and good luck in Italy.

Alright, shower, eat, bed. Hope you all have evenings as exciting as mine planned.

P.S. I only screwed up one thing at work this morning, and didn't even piss any customers off. It's funny how much better your tips are when you bring people what they ordered.


cosmomasturpolitan said...

Fun facts:

Up until last year, [Jason] Donald was a full-time truck driver who only raced as a hobby. 1

Michael Barry has a new training diary up.

Apropos to the conversation on cyclists' wives, Dede, Michael's significant other, is a professional cyclist. She has won a national title at least once.

Although the grammar may be formally correct, flowing sentence structure must also be considered.

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Hrm. Ivan Dominguez of Toyota United doesn't have a white saddle.