Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's only a matter of time.

February is upon us. I suppose that means many different things, in two weeks every girl in the country who was happy with their single life, will suddenly feel so lonely they won't be able to help but weep. Every guy with a night class on that amorous day will be scrambling to get something together for his girlfriend who is sitting next to him in class, and has no idea he forgot about Valentines Day.

It also means more bitter cold weather here along the Front Range.

Some recognize February as Black History month, or the month of Groundhog's Day.

Other's look forward to February as National Bird Feeders month, or even National Condom Month.

February hosts the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, and as everyone knows, The Daytona 500.

What does February mean to me? Easy, it's one month away from my birthday month. Those of you who know me, know how important my birthday is, probably more important than any of your birthdays. It's so important in fact, I don't celebrate a day, not even a week, but March is my birthday month, 1st through the 31st. I do share my birthday with a lot of people I know, and they can have their days, but it's still MY month.

My Cousin Kayla - 9th
My Godmother - 10th
Wayne Williamson- 12th
Ron Bush - 17th
Me - 20th
Grandma Carlson - 20th
Grandpa Carlson - 21st
Dave Towle - 21st
My Lovely Mother- 22nd*
Aunt Kristi - 25th
My Brother David- 30th


I know there are others, the Valentines Day blunder girlfriend is in there too, I think the 11th? But the important thing to remember, is that the most important birthday in there is mine. So... start the countdown, March is only 28 days away.

In other news. I've been pretty busy this week. There might be some changes coming my way, but there will be more info on that in the coming weeks. I got a good trainer party ride in with Scott yesterday afternoon, but I think I'm flying solo today. I should quit dragging my feet and get on it. Thanks for checking in, have a great February.

P.S. If your comment has been deleted within the past few days, maybe you should watch the language. I have the right to rid this site of any distasteful content.


cosmomasturpolitan said...

Dear Corey:

I'm afraid that our frenemy relationship just reached its peak. Your birthday month is my birthday month. This marks the end of d├ętente, and escalates our scuffles to levels seen last in October 1962. In retaliation to your latest advance, I submit this salvo, courtesy of GoogleFight.

I also submit that your blog has a sock gap.

Jeremy said...

How about March 11th. The birthdays of not only myself but also Brian Amstutz. I see how important I am to you. Jerk.

cosmomasturpolitan said...


We must unite and overthrow this potentate.

Let us meet in the treefort after school. Bring orange slices.

Natalie Schaefer said...


Thanks for the post, it's great to hear from you! I hope everything is going well on your end - I LOVE your blog, but I have a bone to pick with you: my birthday month is February so I'd appreciate it if you'd step off the March bandwagon and give us short month people some love. =]

Hope your lip healed from the weekend at the island, and if not, I hope it left a scar. Chicks dig scars.

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