Monday, February 12, 2007


Sorry this site has turned pretty lame again. My camera has been dead for a couple days, and I've been pretty worked from riding and working over the weekend.

Saturday I worked at the Rio in the morning and then had our annual Rocky Mounts - Izze team meeting. Work was alright, and I made some decent money, and the meeting was pretty cool as always. I'm glad that I get to ride for a club that's core beliefs are so close to mine. I for one really appreciate an organization that gives more value to the respectful athlete with the right mindset than the jerk with solid results. I guess we actually purged our team of all the people who got too into themselves and getting on the podium, so it's back to only people who care equally about getting the result, but also about making good impressions and representing Rocky Mounts, Izze, and all our other sponsors in a positive way.

I also found out a few cool things I didn't know about the IZZE Beverage Company. I guess it's easiest to copy it all off the bottle. "PROJECT REACH: In partnership with the Global Education Fund, the IZZE Beverage Company funds and manages Project Reach, a program that provides education-based development for farm workers and their families in the communities where we buy our fruit." Anyway, their advertising guy was there, and it sounds like even though they were bought by Pepsi this year, they are sticking to their roots (which luckily enough for us includes the Rocky Mounts - Izze team).

Sunday I got in a BIG ride with a few different groups all linked together. This morning started off pretty crappy with a frustrating phone call, but I managed to get in a pretty solid 4 hours, by myself this time, but broken up by and extended coffee break with a friend I haven't seen in quite a while. Tomorrow I'm taking the day off the bike, but working at the bike shop. Not the best recovery day, but it'll have to do. This week is supposed to get cold, and I'm not looking forward to the trainer at all, looks like long rides over the weekend again. My camera is charged, so there should be a few pictures with the next update.

Here is a parting shot of the "thing" that Brian got to babysit over the weekend.


cosmomasturpolitan said...

Cool it with your anthrocentrism. That "thing" is an English Bulldog named Cecil. She likes eating, sleeping, waddling, and restricted breathing. She has a heart and soul, just like you and I, and unlike rich people.

I just sent myself my own facebook gift. I'm so depressed.

cosmomasturpolitan said...

"Sorry this site has turned pretty lame again."

Again? Again?


Anonymous said...

Brian, you can send me notes so you don't have to be so depressed...I've been home sick for a week, and I could use some e-mail company myself! I'm just not sure I can understand all the big words...?
Bring it down to a 4-yr-old level for Corey's mom, ok? (If you are REALLY depressed, go to Chili's and order the chocolate molten dessert!)