Monday, February 13, 2006

Yesterday's Ride.

So. Yesterday I set a new personal record with Scott. 200 kilometers, 4,000+ feet of climbing in 7:18 minutes. The day started out awesome with some breaking news in my personal life, followed by a delicious breakfast.

I knew that to last the distance, I was going to need more than this, so just an hour into our ride we swung through a gas station for a cheese muffin. I developed a love for gas station cheese muffins on a ride last year, and have yet to lose the desire to eat one every time I see one. Sunday was no different.

After this short stop it was off to Estes Park. We climbed up HWY 34, past Drake and on to Estes.

50 miles into our ride, we stopped for what was supposed to be a cup of coffee and a pastry, but turned into the most amazing Banana Pancakes I've ever experienced.

They truly were an experience, and they were so dense I couldn't put down any more food for the next 50 miles. We made our way up HWY 36 then down into Lyons and back home on HWY 66 to CR 17, up the Russian, and in on 10th St. Fueled only on sugar water and a goo pack, the last 75 miles of our journey turned into an endorphin fueled carnival which included, but was not limited to, a runaway bike ramp through a ditch, the fake striking of several boxes of matches, several giggle-fests, two uphill sprints, plenty of singing, and even a little Wayne's World "camera one, camera two."

I turned over 200k a half block from my apartment, took a tubbie/shower, then watched a little olympic action before finishing a plate of Fajitas from the Rio. We then moved the party to Kari's waterbed and watched more Olympics and Grey's Anatomy with her, Scott, and my new lady-friend Aimee.

Today I was exhausted, but I made it to class. I even rode my bike there so I could take it to the power wash afterwards. I got it all cleaned and lubed for tomorrow, and I think I'm going to sit around for the rest of the night and watch more olympics. The girls are snowboarding right now, that would be cool if they could pull of as good of results as the guys did last night.


Anonymous said...

aimee, huh? i still dont know how long 200 km is...hook me up.


Anonymous said...

i believe the exact coversion is 124.69 miles

Tina said...

whoa corey! does this new girlfriend know what she's getting herself into?? :)
Hope you have a magical valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

corey what did you get your gf for valentines?