Friday, February 17, 2006

It Snowed Again.

This is getting old already. My training this week has gone down the toilet because I'm too big of a baby to ride in the snow and can stomach the idea of riding my trainer. I guess I should be grateful for the weekend we just had and Tuesday's 60 degree temps, but right now I'm looking at the glass half empty. I think I'm going to attempt some NES powered trainer time. I just need to decide if I should go with Super Mario Bros. or Contra. I think I'll start with the first and see how it goes.


Well I managed to squeeze an hour out of my trainer. If I get another in tonight I won't be doing too bad, right? The Nintendo lasted a half hour before I gave up. I either have to rest my hands on the side of my wrists and try to hold the remote between them, or go full aero, lay on my elbows and hold the remote out in front of me. Maybe it'll work better if I put my TT stuff on my bike? The other problem is that whenever I get to a point in the game that takes any concentration, my cadence drops to about 50. Maybe I'll practice more tonight and see if I can figure it out a little better. P.S. I went with Super Mario Bros. Not a bad choice, but maybe a different game would work better? Also I almost forgot to congratulate my wonderful Aunt B for 8 months without a job jump. You sure are growing up right in front of our eyes!


mikael said...

I hate those trainers also, i guess my solution is a movie. Best of luck with the trainer.

Anonymous said...

hey you could have been racing in AZ with us...good luck with the trainer and you are the best tire gluer around.