Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bike Review #3

Alright folks, it's time for my review of my new Cannondale Caad 8 road bike. I've only ridden this thing a few times, but thus far I have no complaints. It's definitely stiffer than what I'm used to which is a good and bad thing. This is an all aluminum frame, with a carbon fork that has a carbon steerer. It came stock with an FSA integrated headset.

I'm running all my old components on this bike right now. I've got my old old Ultegra crank and bottom bracket, although I'm hoping to have a new Dura-Ace 10 crank before race season. I'm running a Dura-Ace 9sp rear derailleur that I got from Scott after he crashed and "ruined" it, Ultegra 9sp front derailleur with the controversial clamp, a Sram PC-99 hollowpin chain, Ultegra 11-23 cassette, and Speedplay X1 pedals. I got the pedals second hand for 80 bucks, so I think there must be something special about them since they aren't worth a penny over 50 bucks.

The wheelset is a pair of Ultegra hubs laced to Mavic Open Pros with Wheelsmith double butted spokes. I bought this wheelset this fall after I built a new one for Scott, and he no longer needed these. The rear rim was toast, but luckily Scott (being the good friend that he is) threw in an extra hoop that came off of his Power-Tap wheel. I laced it onto this hub and it's been rockin' ever since. I run Specialized Armadillo tires because nothing can beat them in these Greeley goatheads. I think I've gotten one flat on these tires because of a thorn, and they've lasted a couple thousand miles so far.

I've got a Selle Italia SLR saddle on top of a Cannondale Wind seatpost. I'm actually the first owner of the saddle, although the seatpost is secondhand from Scott. Evidently it wasn't long enough when he bought his Giant? In the bottom of this picture you can also see my Ultegra rear brake.

This last shot shows my Dura-Ace 9sp shifters (which I hear they quit making, so get your hands on a pair now if you can), my Ritchey Pro 44cm handlebar, my borrowed Felt 110mm stem, and Ultegra front brake. This shot also does a fine job of the red cables that I've grown to love. Don't worry, I actually put new housing on this bike when I built it up.

Like I said, I've only ridden this bike a few times, but I enjoyed every minute of the 2 and a half hours I spent on it today. Scott and I rode a bunch of dirt, and I could definitely tell I didn't have my flexy old Trek underneath me, but I think I really like it overall. I'm still trying to figure out if I like the lengh, or if I should go another 10mm longer. Only time will tell I guess. On our dirt adventures today, we found something you don't see everyday along the road.

I also tried to re-create moment from years past. It didn't work out as well, but it never will.

Here is a parting shot from the road. This is what it looks like in action, we'll have to wait a couple months to see if I have the motor to make it go fast.


mikael said...

Thats one fancy lookin bike you got there, but i miss you riding the mountain bike with road tires.

Anonymous said...

what kind of pump is kinda looks like a microphone