Monday, February 06, 2006

First UNC group ride of the year.

Saturday morning marked the first group ride of the year for the UNC Cycling team. I think this will become a regular thing. We meet at the Roubaix Bicycle company at 10am, then head out for an easy hour to hour and a half spin before coffee at my apartment. We had 9 riders in attendance this Saturday and hopefully that number continues to grow as the season approaches. We had a great ride, a little cold, but fun for everyone I think? I think I got to ride with everyone and talk to everyone, then coffee and doughnuts, how could it be a bad day? To make things even better I managed to get in another 2 and a half hours in the afternoon. I rode a little dirt down by Lasalle that I hadn't visited for at least a year, which I've already returned to since Saturday.

Sunday was supposed to be THE man-up ride of the year, but I turned into a wuss with the wind blowing and myself feeling a little blown from the day before. For those of you interested, I think it may go off next Sunday and the route goes as follows. Greeley to Estes Park via HWY 34 (not Glen Haven), Estes to Longmont, Longmont to Greeley. It should measure out to around 200k with somewhere between 3000' and 4000' of climbing. I think we'll be departing early from Scott's house, if you're interested, let me know.

Today was another gorgous day. I got to ride in knee warmers which hasn't happened since probably October. I got in a solid 2.5 hours today, with Scott. Some of it was a little beyond base pace, but we were trying to get me to class on time. I think tomorrow is going to be more of the same, except my ride will be sandwiched between classes starting at 9:30am and not ending till 8:30pm. Oh well, those days are unavoidable I guess, and it'll be even harder once those hours start to increase. I also got the second layer of glue on Scott's rims and tires for him this afternoon. I'm happy to glue them for him, but I think the fumes are starting to get to me. I'll be happy when they are done tomorrow and he can take them back to his place.

Here are a few things I've learned in the past months.

#1 It's amazing how many people actually read this crap.

#2 Secrets make people feel important.

#3 "Wedding Crashers" hasn't gotten old after watching it 10 times in a couple weeks.

#4 "Grey's Anatomy" is awesome.

#5 Skate skiing is fun, but you feel like you got kicked in the ass the next day, on both sides.

#6 Maps don't excite most people the way they excite me.

#7 I'm glad my parents don't run for office so I'm still allowed to waste my (and your) time writing crap on here.

#8 Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can start working your way back up.

#9 Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. (John F. Kennedy helped me with that one)

#10 There are daily earthquakes in the midwest.

#11 Ice Skating rocks my socks!

#12 The new "Mr. GWHS" is nowhere near as good as last year's.

#13 I haven't yet grown to love football.

#14 Class is way easier, and less nerve-wracking, when you go consistently.

#15 Hip-Hop? There's so many things you could say about hip-hop.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the ride Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Ha, you still don't go to class
ps. that was a joke momma carlson

mikael said...

Corey you want to do some glueing for my wheels?

Corey Carlson said...

Yeah, I'll do it Mikeal, but it will cost you.

Anonymous said...

corey, you make me want to be a better man.
jay DUB

Anonymous said...

Scott, don't get me all worked up like that! Corey promised...and I'm holding YOU in charge of helping him keep that promise!
Momma Carlson

Anonymous said...

corey, i am glad to hear that you are keeping the team alive...i kinda feel attached to the team...maybe you should hit up the alumni ride this year, what i would give to wear spandex again with ben, chris, scott, you, hamity, and of course, randall.

im lovin it.

dan back.

Anonymous said...

why is the link to rays (non-functioning) site "copycat faker"


Anonymous said...

danny boy
I was linked copycat because I rolled the raw CAAD 8 bike after Corey did, ray got the faker because he did a blog about how he got one but didn't...and now you know