Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting lazy.

I realize I haven't updated in a while. Kind've a busy week, but I got sick on top of it which made the motivation for this kind of stuff drop. The dinner party on Monday night was a hit. The food turned out good, and everyone else brought awesome stuff, and I think we all ended up having a good time. I know I did, probably enough for everyone. The rest of the week was kinda same old same old, school and work, although I did get my bike put together so I've finally made my maiden voyages on my new Cannondale CAAD 8. I'll try to get a bike review together by the end of this week? This weekend has been crazy so far. More cross-country skiing class. After a 6am wake up this morning and 4 solid hours of skate skiing, I'm worked, but I'd better rest up to do it all again tomorrow. I'd never skated before today, but I think I kinda got the hang of it. We had a lesson in the morning and had this bloke named Peter teach us the ropes. I call him a bloke because he was from the U.K. and used almost every awesome "English" term I can think of. I tried to ski with my new friend Rochelle in the afternoon, I'd skiied with her last weekend and managed to keep up, but today I got the crap kicked out of me. I could hang on the flats, she wouldn't use her poles and I'd be giving it all I had, but then on all the climbs it was as if I was going backwards. Finally we split and I took the easy route back to the lodge. I managed not to have to drive Little Timmy this weekend. Not sure if I'd mentioned him earlier, but he's quite the guy. I think it's time to hit up a little Tylenol Cold PM and hit the sack early. Maybe I'll wake up feeling like a million bucks? That would be quite the contrast to this morning. This week brings more class, and hopefully some steady riding. I'll try to maybe get some pictures from a ride since it has been a while, and I need to show off the new bike. Hope you're all having awesome weekends.

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Dave Carlson said...

i'm hitting up the Tylenol PM too! fuck this fucking cold... i'm going on week 3 now.