Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quite the day.

Today was supposed to be a shock to the system. We were gonna ride as long as we could, shooting for 4 hours, with the goal of getting me back into shape in a day. That's not quite the way it turned out, but it did turn out to be an adventure and a half. I left my house at noon and didn't be back until after 5pm. I don't think I got much over 2 hours ride time though. First I waited for Nick to get dressed, then we had espresso shots at Scott's. Once we finally got riding, the action began. It all started with an amazing, blind, track standing, behind the back bottle toss from me to Scott. Read more about on Scott's site.. We continued on, only to watch an old man smash his Buick into a speed bump directly next to me, then Nick flatted at a stop light not 20 minutes after bragging about how he NEVER gets flat tires. We picked up Mark for a wild, drugged out ride, then continued onto some dirt. I found one of my favorites. A Greeley style irrigation canal road.

This was awesome until it turned into flat fest 2006.

We headed back into IBike to get more tubes with full intentions of heading back out for more riding. But... the BreadBoard was giving away day olds, so... we ended up eating a ton, then heading back to Kari's for more eating.

I did manage to get my bike stuck in the sand after a short bathroom break. I have a movie of me pulling it out. It's pretty good. Let me know if you'd like to see it.

Tonight Scott, Kari, and I went to a UNC hockey game with a couple of Kari's roomates and sorority sisters. UNC won, and Scott and I managed to make ourselves look like idiots. I did manage to score Scott a job at the Rio before the game but after no less than 2 Rio margs. Today wasn't really a shock to the system, but it was a lot of fun. No bike review this update, but I'm feeling a review of my mountain bike coming on very soon. Yeah, time for you all to get excited about it.

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