Monday, January 23, 2006

Helluva weekend.

Whew, I'm glad the weekend is over, I need a break. This reminds me of cross season when you sit around on Sunday night, totally worked, wondering when you're going to get that break you were waiting for the weekend for. Anyway, last semester I would have just taken Monday off, but not with this current attendance streak.

Saturday morning I was up at 6 to go cross country skiing for my PE class. I thought it was going to be a joke, we'd stand around all morning, then ski in a few circles in the afternoon. No way, I got into the lesson group with other kids that knew how to ski, including a couple ex-racers (well only one of the could actually ski like she had raced). We took off with our crazy old lady instructor who was actually really cool and very nice, but she tore my legs off for two and a half hours straight. At about the hour 45 mark, she goes, oh boy, we're going to need to make tracks if we want to finish this "tour" in 45 minutes. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and after an extended lunch break, I headed back out with the ex-racer girl for a relaxing 1 hour loop. We had a lot of fun and a nice conversation as we slowly made our way around the Eldora Nordic Center. The down side to the trip was the drive there and back with "Little Timmy."

I knew it would be a long drive when Little Timmy couldn't get the seat belt around his belly. Rochelle, the skier, and I were treated to some amazing tales of Timmy's 65mph bike rides, 2.5 million ducks in a flock, and how he knocked out a psych degree in a year.

Saturday night we watched Cinderella Man at Kari's house with her, Scott, and her roomate Aimee. The movie was really good, good enough to keep me awake after a 6am wake up, and the hardest workout I'd had year-to-date.

Sunday morning came too soon once again, but 3 hours later than Saturday. I got up at 9 to "get my stuff ready" for a Century with a few fellow crazy's. It turns out I had 2 flats, zero tubes, and no way to get my pump onto my bike. I ended up patching and using a cross TR tube in the front wheel, taping the pump on, and driving to Scott's with my finger's crossed that someone had a tube for me. Luckily Nick did, and I think he owed me one maybe? Anyway, the way I felt after skiing the day before, and after scoping out the company, I was hoping to get 50 miles instead of 100. Scott, Nick, Mikeal, Nicky, and her teammate Aimee Vasse (two time Mt. Washington hill climb champ).

I had a lot of fun riding with everyone, sitting in was awesome, but at about mile 60, the inevitable happened. I cracked harder than Humpity Dumpity on our way back in on 10th street. Luckily everyone started to flat and Scott rescued me with some peanut butter cups and a coke from a gas station right there. I hung it up after 63 miles and headed over to Kari's for the end of the Bronco's game. I'm a HUGE football fan, so you can imagine my disapointment when they lost. The night turned out to be a lot of fun, but I'm hurting this morning. I found a couple new muscles cross country skiing, and the bike ride didn't help them out at all, so I'm feeling a little sore and grumpy this morning. Hopefully an easy spin with Scott before class will help things a little.

Tonight is my pheasant dinner party. Cross your fingers I can figure out how to make it. Right now I'm feeling a little grilled peanut butter sandwiches, I've got that recipe down.

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